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1963 Lincoln Continental | Buyer’s Guide

Hagerty's Editor-at-Large Sam Smith explores what makes the 1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible such a precious classic automobile and details what you need to understand about purchasing, owning, as well as loving this excellent timeless. Evaluation: –. Episode phases:. 0:00 1963 Lincoln Continental introduction. 0:32 Drive review by Sam Smith. 1:37 Inside review by Sam Smith. …

The Nissan 240SX is the perfect blank canvas | RadVentures

For Ryan Symancek, an automobile's personality just comes alive in its real component. RadVentures isn't a program about looking at museum items; it's a show about feeling. The feeling you get when you push a car to its complete capacity. With this episode, Ryan concentrates on the most preferred drift framework, the very early '90s …

Understand Your All-Wheel-Drive System | Know it All with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 04

All AWD systems will aid with added traction, yet the formats have significant impacts on handling. A lot of AWD systems generate understeer, however some can in fact aid a vehicle take care of also much better. Advertising departments typically fib about the capacities of their company's AWD system. In most cases, no, your vehicle …

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