0-60 isn’t ZERO to 60: the test is FLAWED! | Know it All with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 03

We all enjoy to go bench-racing, however utilizing car magazine 0-to-60 tests will not inform you what happens in the real world.

The zero-to-60 test isn't actually gauging from a stop, at the very least not by U.S.-based automobile publications. They utilize a term called "rollout," which comes from the drag-racing globe.

Generally, when car publications record screening numbers, they leave out the first foot of traveling (or "rollout"), leading to a time that's more than 0.2 seconds also short. Sometimes as high as a half-second.

In addition, the methods that auto magazines make use of to introduce cars and trucks is brutal, abusive, and in some cases also deadly to the cars and truck. All is fair crazy, battle, as well as instrumented screening: no one appears to mind if we explode a vehicle throughout screening, so long as we got varieties at the same time.

The larger concern is that 0-60 is such an important benchmark that it feeds back right into the engineering of cars. Makers sometimes choose to boost instrumented-testing numbers that come with the expenditure of real-world acceleration: points like ultra-long first gears or difficult-to-engage launch-control. And when a benefit can be configured in through software program, you can be sure that auto firms will certainly rip off, err … enhance for this incident.

And currently you understand.


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42 Replies to “0-60 isn’t ZERO to 60: the test is FLAWED! | Know it All with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 03”

  1. My favorite magazine 0-60 test is when I think car and driver wasn’t getting a good result from a mazdaspeed3 and they called the engineers and Mazda was like “side step the clutch at redline. Don’t worry, it can take it.”

    1. @Bones12x2 when I had one I never did wind up putting a tune on it, but the amount it woke the hell up from just a short ram intake was fucking absurd.

    2. @Pllumaj’s Garages having owned a WRX, an STI, and a Mazdaspeed3. They all like to be tuned, but at least when it comes to simple mods, the Mazda is thr one that needs it the most. Its a mess stock… but just adding a rear motor mount to suppress torque steer and wheel hop, then putting a simple tune on with an Accessport is a night and day change. The stock tune limits boost in the first couple gears and it essentially just looses all power after 5500rpms… But a nice tune with no other power mods will give you full (and a few psi extra) boost in all gears, it pulls all thr way to redline, and picks up a big chunk of extra mid range torque. Ive modded cars where it cost $5k to get the same kind of improvement that just a $600 tune gets on those cars.

  2. 0:58 especially German ones


    3:35 I should really watch the whole thing before commenting

    5:24 who won?

  3. Videos up for 15 minutes and there’s already two negative comments on a great video they must have thought it was their mother that you were racing last night

  4. How do I give this more likes, one is insufficient. GREAT presentation of the subject. Less time racing benches, more time racing our moms.

    1. @aakar1s Thanks, all you guys. (Except +mse – you can please shut it.) To be honest, lately it’s Hyphen’s fault we’ve been doing so few Carmudgeons – he’s slammed with work. Poor guy,.

  5. LOL That’s pretty good! I stopped worrying about those tests when 1st 2nd and 3rd only paint the road. Now I go by how big the clouds are or if the telephone poles can blur. In Mexico of course.

  6. The reverse is true as well, in the UK when the hot hatch thefts were through the roof in the 1990s, make car makers sand bagged their cars with passengers and luggage to make them slower so the insurance was cheaper

    The Peugeot GTI-6 306 does 0-60 in officially in 8.5
    However its closer to 7.1

    1. @JasonCammisa Aye

      Aye, the batsht crazy car insurance caused it, the Escort Cosworth was £25k new, the insurance was £25k, anything Cosworth on it would get stolen, and it spilled over on to anything remotely fast, affordable and fun.

    2. Many auto journalists here were convinced Ford was fibbing about horsepower figures on its first Probe GT. They all thought the car CLEARLY made more than the quoted 145hp, but alas, Ford kept the figure.

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