1 of 1 handmade Porsche coupe, Model T Fords, and some old Hondas | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 41

During a check out to San Diego, Tom obtains a lead on a couple distinct cars and trucks means beyond the city. He and also the woody hit the road and also get to Randy Carlson's house a few hrs later on. As it ends up, Randy has greater than simply a couple cars and trucks and also, to Tom's joy, a good variety of fun stories to accompany them. After taking a look at some Fords, Packards, Volkswagens, a Lincoln, and some old Hondas, Randy pulls back the cover on an intriguing customized Porsche sports car, hand-built in Germany by a style institution.

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34 Replies to “1 of 1 handmade Porsche coupe, Model T Fords, and some old Hondas | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 41”

  1. If Porsche would see this video here in germany they probably be very happy about this thing 🙂 such a cool collection wow

    1. @Glasbroesler Berlin nicht wirklich. Ist ja kein Porsche sondern eine privater Umbau mit Porsche Teilen und einem Karmann Ghia Chassis. Dazu jede Menge VW Käfer Teile. Er ist auch als VW wegen dem Chassis registriert. Wird verkauft für 75.000$.

  2. I must admit that I’m so envious of you Americans because you have the coolest old cars, i absolutely love watching these videos, why have you got to have all the fun eh? Lucky bastards lol

    1. @OubaDubaTuba It sure looks that way it’s a huge power struggle between good and evil in american politics now, some want to ruin the country and some want to save it, Just guess who is the good and who is the evil… Wish us luck!! God Bless America.

    2. @Jas Ward ye i totally understand that. i love mk1, mk2 escorts and minis. But these old american cars especially the 50s stuff are fantastic, like other worldly. Even the sedate 4 door grocery getters are inspirational. There massive though, if you was a pedestrian and hit by one of these things you got no hope.

    3. Generalysing a whole generation into „the evils with no soul“ and talking like politics is just the good and the bad people. You idiots are the reason for that misery.

  3. Amazing episode! Amazing guy. Every single car was a surprise, had a story and was absolutely unique. Thanks for making these.

    1. 50th anniversary and there was 5148 made for the U.S. market plus 300 for Canada and however many non turbo versions made for Australia

    2. Actually it was not the 84 anniversary turbo. Just a normal 86 300ZX. Clean original car that I affectionately call the “Golden Kazoo”. As with everything I own, there is a story behind it. I just love the stories.

    3. CARCHAEOLOGY  Cars with stories are the best.Even boring cars that never have gotten my interest,get my attention then 🙂

  4. My wife graduated from that high school in Germany! The school is still there and was mostly made up from children of families in the military.

  5. I laughed when he said he would get the old ford running, but after he started the Porsha, i think he could get it done

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