1 of 3 Santee SS with Buick 215 Aluminum V8 and a Morris Minor Traveler | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 92

Back in 2018, we faced a Gent who was at the Bonita, CA Cars as well as Coffee and also invited us to see his barn finds and collection of rare cars. What we didn't realize was that we were talking to the Chief Engineer and Developer of Santee Cars Inc. In 1961 Santee Cars was established with the goal of building high-performance race vehicles as well as the guy at the helm of this large undertaking was Fred Puhn. We wish you enjoy this episode as Fred shares his tale and the function he played in vintage sports car auto racing.

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26 Replies to “1 of 3 Santee SS with Buick 215 Aluminum V8 and a Morris Minor Traveler | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 92”

  1. I hope whoever gets that 1931 Diamond Truck doesn’t put an LS in it and all that crap.
    That thing is just too nice and original to butcher.

    1. There’s only one item that needs to be added to a truck like that, a Gear Vendors Overdrive for the freeway.
      Okay, and maybe an under-dash AC unit, hidden away, and Disc Brakes in the way Leno’s had them done, where it’s all hidden inside covers that look like the drums.

  2. This fellow is a rare guy. Unassuming, very smart, conscientious. Car guy and engineer all his life. Still owns the car he bought for his wife in 1967.

  3. “.. you have a lathe?” ” Well, when you have a car they only made 3 of…” This is why I love this series, this man has a wealth of knowledge, and you can tell he loves talking about the history of these cars. Thanks for sharing his story.

  4. Thank you for entertaining me again! I loved to hear Fred talk about his cars and the memories he had with each. Like his cars, Fred is a classic!

  5. As an SCCA corner worker I remember Fred Puhn racing his D Sports racer. He also wrote a couple of good books on sports car handling as I recall. If you google San Diego Reader from Nov. 1998 there is a very informative interview of Mr. Puhn and the Santee history.

    1. Drew, the book in question is a classic amongst racers to this day: โ€œ How to make your car handleโ€ by Fred Puhn. Growing up the book was the Bible for young mechanics like me who wanted a career in the sport. Man those were great days!

  6. Lots to learn from, and about, this guy !!! One of those people who re-vitalizes your sense of optimism !!! We sorely need more of these examples right now. Thanks for sharing !!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  7. Kudos and cheers to Fred. As an old UCSD Triton I miss the days when San Diego was still full of men like him. Mentors and role models…

    1. Tom races minors i am sure he knows his way around an A series. I love em. I raced an A35 with a 1275 in historics when i was a kid.

  8. So the big question is: โ€œwhen are you going back to get Fred to show you the rest of his collection???โ€

    Holy smokes, that guy is not only knowledgeable but it sounds like he could keep an automophile entertained for a whole month of proffered drinks at happy hour! That Santee sure looks pretty, and parts of it you would swear were from an e-type.

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