1932 Ford V8 flathead original Barnfind first run after 50 years

Real initial old 32 Ford barnfind first go out after some engine tinkering!. Saved because the sixties in North Dakota. Does have a 1940 type substitute flathead in it, but that was a sensible improvement in the day … Additionally take a look at first road drive
Another video clip to view is this, background of the 32 Ford.really good!!

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  1. @brand0nwhite THanks. It REALLY is a rare find. Sadly for sale. Maybe it will end up back in the USA, who knows….

  2. It was found by a friend and trader in North Dakota along with a 46 Chevy pickup and another 32. He bought the lot which had al been saved in the 60’s. I bought the pickup and this sedan. Sadly sold to another guy here in the UK now, but he is keeping it as it is.

  3. The first run implication is of driving it out under its own steam! I spent the day before getting the engine to run ok, just needed some distributor cleaning, gas tank and lines cleaned out. It did smoke a very little as it does at the pull away in the video……

  4. your right..it was missing on 2 cylinders….replaced the plugs later on in the day, I think maybe also the rings were sticky on those 2 cylinders. THat later improved also!!

  5. I agree on leaving her all stock. Now you need to find the stock motor, as this one on the car is a much newer 21 stud V8. Very, very nice car tough!!!

  6. Back in the 1920’s to the Mid 1930’s my dad lived around Rolla North Dakota and the bootleggers ran booze from Canada to the big cities like Fargo and the Twin Cities in car’s with hidden compartments in them. His older brothers worked on several cars owned by bootleggers. Wish I could talk to them about them day’s now. I had no interest back when they were alive.

    1. My adoptive parents. Dad 1916. His wife 1920. Think my biological grandmother 1924 or 25. Her oldest son, 1946. His brother my uncle two or three years later. My Mom 1950. Me 1967. My brother 1969. But things didn’t work out with first parents. Adopted at five. Second parents called them to have shorter version of explaining without that long word biological. Second Dad 63, his wife 59, when adopted me. So lived pretty much on farms with them. So I know of bobwire and etc… somewhat.

  7. Not too bad for an original 1932 and first time out in 50 years.ย  Looks like critters have really done a number on the interior.ย  Be careful of surprise guests!ย  Hope it get lovingly restored to all original — *not* one of those souped-up re-do’s

  8. Don’t touch it at all, just oil the hinges/ clevises / grease nipples, and basic maintence and leave it just as it is, do not touch it, there’s too too many restored cars out there, but ones like this are DiamondโœŒ๏ธโœŒโœŒ

    1. I would redo the interior but I would only clean and perhaps seal the paint work to preserve the patina and keep it from deteriorating anymore

  9. Leave it as is or restore. Please, not another street rod. To original and complete to destroy. Best to leave and drive as is.

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