1949 Cadillac 62 Convertible Barn Find

What a Great Bundle Barn Find! In Central Florida (Longwood, FL) The Individuals with Florida Classic Car Customers located A 1929 Packard 6-40 (Body By Rollston) A 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible (Suicide Doors!) And A 1949 Cadillac Convertible Design 62,

This Video Clip Reveals the Process of the elimination, Upon Locating it behind a home in the woods, behind numerous Trees, it was Parked on top of a Carpeting, and also covered in Multiple Tarps as well as Blankets (Not shown, however that is exactly how it stood up so well) A Days well worth of job, Numerous people, A Power saw, A Shovel, as well as A Few Tow vehicles later we obtained this old lady out of the timbers as well as One action closer to a new house, She will be to buy! Allow us understand if interested!

Obtained a Classic automobile or recognize of a barn discover? allow us recognize! WE BUY'EM!

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    1. I had a local guy where I worked in the late 70s , w a 71 Triple white Boat tail Riviera, gorgeous car, gangster whites and spokes, Disco days, so I grew up and wasn’t around that area until, my cousins bought a building down the block from the guy, who went from a 38 yes old to a 68 yr old, same face, so I asked him, what ever happened to the car, he told me he was retiring soon, and he had the car stored away for like 25yrs, was I interested, well I couldn’t say yes fast enough, he brings me down the block to this outdoor storage yd, and under a tarp, was my dream car, only when u pulled the tarp, chunks of white paint came w it, to the windshield that had hole in it, to the white interior that turned almost black, to the rear quarters that were part of the earth now from sinking into the dirt, to the basket spoke wheels that were rusted so bad, when the tow truck pulled it out of the hole, the spokes fell off, to the rear window of the boat tail, that u can now lift out of the body, to the floor boards that were gone, to that big beautiful 455 motor that had a animals residing in it, w only 66,000 mikes on the clock, that’s what New York does to improperly stored vehicles

  1. Wow! What a car! I think I know now what car it is, the one that sleeps under tthe Greek sun in my neighborhood.

  2. The list of true full classic cars has changed over the years, but, I recall that the ’49 Cadillac was the very last full classic car ever made.

  3. Not in a barn , but hey they’re from the south.
    Can’t wait for pt2
    That’s gonna cost a bundle to fix.
    Hope you got loads of mullah ……

    1. del trotts yes it is a barn find,Barn Find is just a term they use for vehicles that are found or located in or on a person’s property

  4. I am amazed.

    I’ve seen it in more YouTube videos.

    unbelievable that, this is possible there in America?
    That you can just dump fine your car in the forest.

    If you do that here “NL” they will track you down.
    You get the bill for tow away the vehicle to the
    scrap yard.

    And you can count on a hefty ticket, probably also a call for the judge.

  5. That’s old school vehicle back in time hood days take men power get vehicle out of brushes trees restore everything new seats engine tires awesome video keep up the good work friend bless you happy holidays

  6. Excuse me, I watched your video very closely. Car clearly appeared to be out in the open, you had to cut trees around it, come on, how do you come up with “Barn Find?”

    1. “Barn find” is a catch-all phrase that covers anything that was previously put aside and left to get dusty, rusty and otherwise remain unused for a long time.

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