1955 Corvette Barn Find Extraction, parked in1977 – the lighter side of hoarding

Bob Doucette's family members gets here to aid get his 1955 Corvette. We reveal more family members prizes.

For a tee shirt, mug or various other of this automobile, most likely to:

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47 Replies to “1955 Corvette Barn Find Extraction, parked in1977 – the lighter side of hoarding”

    1. @my4cars Plus the family is keeping the car and will love it like Bob does. Why change it for original color or engine. That’s what you do if you intend to sell it. I’m for keeping as Bob had it. It’s like wanting a 65 year old family member to have plastic surgery to look 18 again. It would lose it’s soul.

    2. Yes, a SURVIVOR car is a very appreciated thing!
      I have a 49K mile 1969 Firebird 400HO 4sp original, proper #’s matching SURVIVOR..
      One thing you can do is contact Hemming’s magazine for sources of literature on this car.
      They are a major popular go to source for ppl buying selling things.
      I contacted them and was amazed what was they had available past issue w my car and about it.
      Go order a copy of Hemmings, comb thru it carefully in the parts section..
      At this point ask Everyone you get around in the car industry and eventually will find about anything you need.
      Look at car swap meets, go to them ASK everyone there!
      Lots of local shows on weekends usually at Oreily parts store, or local pizza places.
      Get as connected with ppl as possible.
      Everybody is very enthusiastic and will help you out especially when they hear this Gem of a car you have.
      I bet in a few months you will be overwhelmed on information!
      Lots of us did and are getting more linked as a community nationally for resources , parts, etc.
      Like to see part 2 in this journey here!

  1. That part where he rinsed the dirt off was satisfying to watch👍
    what a great find and i sure hope it gets back on the road again.

    1. Got to restore it first as the brakes will be rusted, the oil changed, pull the plugs and turn the engine by hand to make sure there are no frozen pistons, that kind of resoration, all mechanical.

    2. BB Productoins got to drop the tank do the seals in the slave cylinders rear main etc . Those old cork jobs would have seen better days gaskets etc

    1. Nah – People who restore have the knack of over restoring and putting more bucks into the car than its worth then putting the car in a garage where it then rarely ever gets driven…
      Keep it ‘survivor’ and drive it guilt free not worrying about stone chips and losing money on it.

  2. Way too cool! This is the type of stories I love. That style Corvette always had a great design. I’m happy to see the family will never part with it.

    1. Got to check the gas tank and oil lines as well as the fuel pump, wheel brake cylinders, new fluids. Lot more to it than new brakes and tires. but your right, drive it.

    2. It would take a lot of work. Everything is dried out. All hydraulics are bad. Mice . Carb rebuilt. Fuel pump , water pump bad , gas tank and lines rotten . Tires bad . My 62 had the throw out bearing grease dry up. It sounds good but you cant just fire these old cars up. And price some nos parts someday. The reality is its not cheap.

  3. Thank goodness, for crying out loud!!! It should cost about $1,500 to clean and seal the gas tank, change all the rubber hoses and all the fluids, do a full tune-up then bring it to a real professional detailer and spend a couple of hundred bucks to have it minted out and left ORIGINAL!!!!😎👍 enjoy

    1. They certainly don’t realize what an original , one of only 700 made,1955 Gen. I , SBC V8 Vette is worth…in $$$$$$, that’s for sure. It’s likely worh as much or morethan a new ‘Vette on the collector market.

    2. I wish the family could have approached a professional car guy to get this out, immediate wash might harm the car more than what it would have been staying inside. Happy for the car and hope that kid takes care of it and treasures it as his grandfather.

  4. Such a treasure! This is a true document of a “barn-find” & thank you so much for sharing it with the YouTube audience.

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