1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS | Buyer’s Guide

Journalist Sam Smith discovers what makes the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS such a beloved muscular tissue auto and also information what you need to know about purchasing, owning, as well as loving this great classic.

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24 Replies to “1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS | Buyer’s Guide”

  1. I personally love the ‘70 Challenger, but I also have a soft spot for the Camaro. And… pretty much all muscle cars.

  2. Do some on the mid size cars Chevelles Torino’s cyclones etc everyone knows how to buy a nova mustang Camaro we need info on cars that are off the beaten path

    1. Exactly. Like something such as a mercury cougar 67-70. It’s basically a mustang, but it’s more rare and some trims are of course worth way more.

  3. Realistic Guide:

    1) You don’t have enough money.

    This concludes my comprehensive Realistic Guide™.

    1. Yeah it would be nice if Hagerty made content like this for viewers who weren’t upper middle class boomers

  4. What’s really funny about the Camaro story is, the 2nd generation is really what the original concept for the Camaro was. GM mandated the upcoming redesign of the Nova to be the basis of the 1st generation Camaro in order save money and time in getting the Camaro to market. This is why it’s so similar to the 3rd generation Nova and had a “tall cowl”. Using the Nova allowed designers extra time to clean sheet a 2nd generation Camaro in the European design originally desired (longer and lower). This is one of the reasons the 1st generation only lasted 3 years. But as it turns out, the 1st generation has become the favorite of most Camaro fans and is what comes to mind when most classic car people think of a Camaro. I love 2nd generation Camaros (especially the early ones) but they still pale in comparison to 1st gens in my opinion.

  5. “Make sure it has not been modded badly”….”make sure it’s not rusty”……great advice, where would I be without you

  6. Интересный факт: всех за*бали интересные факты

  7. of the 69 there where also a couple a packages for options i owned a 69 camaro ss automatic smallblock which a collector bought when my drivetrain broke it currently has a z28 package engine the installed in it and that guy also has a 69 camaro RS manual a Z28 manual and now my SS automatic those are the 3 ik could be ordered and a ton a engines

  8. Honestly a great host. He could review a craftsman lawnmower, I still wouldn’t buy it, but I’d watch it. Much better than Magnus.

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