1970 Shelby GT500 Convertible | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 36

While cruising later on in main Florida, Tom Wedge identifies a familiar-looking set of GT-package headlights. Suffering in a stack of fallen leaves outside the proprietor's residence is a moss-ridden antique of the early pony-car fad– a 1965 Mustang. Initially a job auto for the proprietor and also his boy, the car began the process of turning into one with the lawn after it got its hood smashed in. The owner's hopes that his grandson would take up the cause proved fruitless. However when Tom roams out back to peer into a garage, he discovers another titan of Ford muscular tissue. Concealing in the darkness is none aside from a 1970 Shelby Mustang GT500 exchangeable, and also by chance, the owner aspires to share the auto's story.

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80 Replies to “1970 Shelby GT500 Convertible | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 36”

    1. that 65 has been sitting there for maybe 20 yrs. I remember when i was young and im 50 now, it and a cuda being in the yard when iwould pass all of a suden, this one is wreckked and under same tree as always has been. Never knew till watched this what was in the garage and have passed that home every day for at least 40 yrs

    2. @Billy Lennon … Crazy right ? I locate all sorts of interesting items… The latest was an E-Type Jaguar engine in an abandoned garage near my home. As kids we used to root through there regularly and I remember seeing that inline 6 engine many times…and funny thing was at the time I was only interested in V8’s… Later and with no other visit required did I suddenly realize what inline 6 that actually WAS… I grabbed a hand truck and my quad and returned to my home 2 hrs later with a Series 1 E-Type engine… I had it sold in 45 minutes! Always good to explore where safe and possible.

  1. To me, that’s more interesting than an old Ferrari in a barn, just the understated cool of a dirty Shelby; and a 428 CJ convertible at that.

    1. I have no idea why that just happened but seeing them on here I am a mustang guy 43 years now straight 69 Mach 1 Acapulco blue gold and white stripes love the body styles I have no idea why that just happened but seeing them on here I am a mustang guy 43 years now straight 69 Mach 1 Acapulco blue gold and white stripes love the body stylesy

    1. Jamie Mills really it wasn鈥檛 that bad.

      Kept inside a non AC garage it鈥檚 just dusty. He owned it for a few decades and it鈥檚 still in 1 piece

    2. Don鈥檛 think for a second he doesn鈥檛 know how much it鈥檚 worth. He probably think it鈥檚 worth more than the guy told him.

    1. ” astronaut Eddie Bowens” just made his 馃挴th mission to the moon colony. He has applied to be chief pilot for the Saturn colony….lol

    2. @John Gerraughty that’s probably all it would need that car isn’t rotting in there is it hard on it yes but could you throw a battery in it and drive it yes maybe change fluids gas oil etc that car wasn’t hurt in any way

  2. At least wash the car and run it every so often. Never understood owning it just to let it sit and rot. But to each his own. Cool car.

    1. To make matters worse, I just drove(2 weeks ago) 4 hours to PA to buy a 1984 Monte Carlo Super Sport from original owner, it was a really nice car, I have the car two days I detailed it with q tips inside and waxed it had it really nice, I had car on road for 2 days and this guy drives right in front of me and car is destroyed. At this point I could give up but I’ll keep on trucking. My daughter loved the car and helped me clean it. Thank you.

    2. Get cancer then come back and let me know if you feel the same about not understanding why an owner wouldn鈥檛 have washing and starting his car at the top of the list. You must be young!

    3. Kalico Jones you could pay a kid in neighborhood or family member to clean it and actually put a car cover on it, these owners who leave cars out in back yard in a corn field or in a muddy barn that is just not smart. Sell car, you can鈥檛 take it to grave or hospital

    4. Scottish Clansman you make no sense. It doesn鈥檛 cost much to charge a battery. Also, if he鈥檚 in so much debt, why not sell the car that he owns which is worth over 70k? He鈥檚 in so much debt he can鈥檛 afford to charge his car battery but not in enough debt to sell a car he has rusting away in his garage for 70k.

  3. I love how everyone when talking about the engine goes by what Ford said. We all know that motor is pushing over 400hp.

    1. Must be insurance issue, I remember seeing a test of a original Chevy 454, and it was pushing over 500 hp so all the manufacturers of musclecars of the era was keeping the power down to pay less for the insurance

  4. How anyone can allow a 65 GT or a 70 Shelby to deteriorate like these two did is beyond me…I mean come on man, sell em to someone who will restore, take care of, and drive these two rigs like they should be, damn….

    1. wzrdmgk562 and what race are you? I guess you鈥檝e never been around black people. 鈥淧oor鈥 black people somehow always have $200+ for tennis shoes, drive luxury automobiles but can鈥檛 afford an I.D. come election time.

  5. Who gets cars like this and allows them to rot into such a sad state? Never ceases to amaze me that there are people like this.

    1. @Karl Freese He said the motor was already rebuilt and he parked the car because he didnt want to put miles on it while he had bills. Not fix the car OR pay medical bills. Basically saying he wanted to keep the value up. Ironically he let it sit and rot.

    2. @MrCloudseeker You’re an idiot. If you watched the video you’d see he lost a foot in an accident. You can’t even take care of your moral health let alone anything else.

    3. Overwatch I know people like this. They don鈥檛 want people to have their stuff. I have. A friend like this who does this with everything.

    1. @Crazy_Ivan43
      Stupid comment award goes to you.
      Crumple zones were made because old cars didn’t…. Crumple.
      A modern car at 45 mph would be totally bent.

    1. PERIZ99 2 years ago i was 13 looking all over the place for cars, i knew everything about them at that age. Not all kids nowadays are video game addicts. There are some kids still out there interested in getting their hands dirty. Im working on buying my own first project car soon.

    2. If he鈥檚 a real car guy, as I am, and we鈥檙e both 13 he won鈥檛 be playing Fortnite, I sure as hell don鈥檛. I鈥檇 rather play a car game if ima play a video game at all

    1. @The Big Picture no but little by little they rot away and are no longer viable cars. I have an 87 mustang ordered from ford with at 5.0 5 speed with blue window sticker still on it and build sheet under seat. It had 15,557 miles original on it when I bought it. Vortech V1 supercharger, gt 40 heads, original Cobra R intake MSD ignition, stainless exhaust limited slip rear, stand alone fuel management system ect. It has until this year sat for 7 years after a fuel/spark and air problem no one could figure out. The paint job on it was brand new after I got hit in it. I had the whole car painted. Even in a garage, rust bubbles came about, mice, the new tires vulcanized, it just got worse. now to get the car back to mint it’s costing way more than it would have 7 years ago (a new performance shop in town figured it out, Rabid Customs). If I had continued to let it sit and “enjoy” it, it would be worthless and laughable.
      That’s like saying “yes that’s my 57 chevy out there, yep it’s a Bel air and a 2 door non post V8 car. No she’s not for sale I just enjoy it so much. Looks even better when the creek isn’t up to the door handles after the rain”.

    2. @bad74maverick1 no offense but your shitty 87 Mustang is a year & model that NObody wants. Quit trying to brag on YT when you have nothing more than a shitbox Pontiac Fiero or 91 Ford Festiva. I vomit on 87 Mustangs.

  6. Anyone who lets a car like that fall into such disrepair has to have a screw loose. I predict that car will continue to sit there and rot until that guy is long gone.

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