1972 De Tomaso Pantera Entombed in Trailer for 35 Years | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 22

We left our customers hanging at the end of the last episode of The Barn Locate Hunter, but classic car fanatic and host Tom Wedge is back and ready to reveal one of the program's most considerable discovers until now. In this episode, Tom uses screw cutters to open the door of a trailer and also pulls back an auto cover to reveal a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera L that hasn't seen sunshine in 3 decades. The rare Italian cars (with a Ford 351 engine) was in the midst of restoration/modification before being secured away. Its claim to fame, in addition to its magnificent looks, is that it completed in the 1980 UNITED STATE Express, a 2500-mile cross-country race from New York to The Golden State. You'll need to know the judge's reaction after it was drawn over for speeding in Texas.

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52 Replies to “1972 De Tomaso Pantera Entombed in Trailer for 35 Years | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 22”

  1. 8:13 you could get the death penalty for driving 74mph? That is simply illogical! Why are humans such violent creatures?

    1. Why are you being so emotional? That is highly irregular for a Vulcan, even for one that is half human…

    2. The national speed limit had been lowered to 55 mph to ‘save gas’. They sold ALOT of radar detectors in those days!  CB radios too, the truckers would warn each other if they saw a ‘Kojak with a Kodak’ !!

  2. “We should put in a small-block chevy…” No. Just no. He should be horsewhipped for even saying that.

    1. I completely agree. Mr. Alesandro DeTomaso had a long history with Ford. Even the great Carrol Shelby would agree that a Ford engine is better. A Chevy engine would greatly diminish its value.

    1. inside the panteras box you find
      *zelda chest opening music*
      cowboys from hell

  3. The car is now in Colorado under a full restoration. Just posted a slideshow of the progress on my channel.

    1. Farmer Dude357 will have e the original 351c that came out was f the car but is being built into a 408 stroker

    2. Frenillo Cash Yeh right! why not just cut some holes in the floor for your feet and leave it as you found it.

  4. That trailer doesn’t seem anywhere near 35 years old, especially for being outside in Maine, so it’s pretty difficult to believe it’s been in there that long.

    1. Or it could’ve been moved from one trailer to another, if the first trailer leaked etc. And there are these things called lawnmowers and edgers. Wow! Reality is fun.

    1. We sold the hell out of cheap aftermarket sunroofs in the 80s. Guaranteed to leak. I cut up alot of Camaros which did not really matter. They usually already had air shocks, traction bars, and Cragars. I would have refused to do it to a Pantera.

  5. Tom, I know of a Pantera that has been in a garage for 30 years. Detroit area. Can connect you with owner. He is a hoarder and is not selling.

    1. exactly lol. fake show. also notice the side door is open when they cut the lock. so they had the key to the side door but not the back door lol.

  6. Hi, dear DeTomasofriends, BP-Automotive in Wetzikon / Zürich in Switzerland phone 0041792296220 offers you a full Detomasorepair- and restorationservice. Peter Burlet

  7. Is this the car guy I saw close a pillarless car by the window? Now he sits on the hood of that Pantera as if he owned it. Just no.

  8. when i was just a baby, my dad bought a pantera, it got stolen within a week lol

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