2000 Honda S2000 | Buyer’s Guide

Reporter Sam Smith explores what makes the 2000 Honda S2000 such a precious traditional cars as well as information what you require to understand about buying, owning, and also loving this wonderful roadster.

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30 Replies to “2000 Honda S2000 | Buyer’s Guide”

    1. Haha, yep… I used to toy with the idea of getting one… I wish I had back when they were relatively plentiful and “cheap”…. My NC Miata is definitely not appreciating, lol.
      I got to drive my friend’s AP1 on slightly wet greasy roads once… I was a little nervous, lol.

    2. @mry82 buying an NC Miata instead of an S2K since I love the 09+ 6 speed cars and you can get a low mile one for 10-13K, vs any S2000 being older and 17-30K for low miles! NC is still quick compared to the older Miatas and everything associated with them is cheaper, definitely not going to appreciate anytime soon I don’t think. Eventually, they probably will if they are the correct spec (manual with an LSD).

    3. @mry82 I’ve owned both an NC and an AP1. I’d take the NC if 9 times out of 10. It just plays the part of a “fun around town beater” better than the S2000 did.

    1. depends on the model ap1’s tend to burn oil, have weak valve retainers that crack if over you over rev it, common rust spots aree in the quarter panel andd in the trunk underneath alll the carpet. ap1’s also have a clutch buzz Owned mine for 3 years now haven’t had any problems just done normal service and the car will reward you

  1. Like Hagerty’s youtube page, but this isn’t really a buyer’s guide, more of a general review. Savagegeese has a true in depth buyers guide for this car that really tells you everything you need to know when considering purchasing one.

    1. They should rename the series, Short Take. More truthful. Not as misleading. I’d still watch it.

  2. Top Half of the cap? You mean VTEC’s second cam profile
    There are actually 4 variants of the S2000, essentially changing every 2 years.
    AP1.1 (00-01), AP1.2 (02-03), AP2.1 (04-05), and AP2.2 (06-07) the 08-09 cars also had little changes but are still considered AP2.2s

    1.1 cars have a (factory) plastic window, a richer tune ecu, slightly weaker synchros, and most importantly in the US 2 squirt oil jet bolts. These need to be changed to 4 hole banjo bolts to help lower oil consumption & on cars that see more time in VTEC also presently cylinder wall scoring. Some early 02s also still have the 2 hole banjo bolts so look out.
    1.2 cars are the best of the AP1s, they have the updated synchros, banjo bolts, a glassback window, some interior and suspension rates changed but 03s also have a bigger oil pump from the AP2.

    2.1 Is cable throttle of the 2.2L without VSA (traction control) and still is essentially a rawer car. These are considered the best year for a stock car as they don’t have the AP1 or AP2.2 DBW issues. They do have an issue with 2nd gear popping out on 04s similar to the NSX snap rings, which isn’t a fun fix if you have them.

    2.2 is the car you want for a autocross, track, or modified car. The ECU is flashable so with a High Flow Cat you can use a lower VTEC tune for a ton of midrange torque without affection high RPM power. They can also have a safe fuel cut of 8500rpm for those sections you need a bit more speed in. HOWEVER they also run lien with a returnless fuel system so they tighten their exhaust valves over time causing you to need more frequent valve adjustments.

    Hargerty, I could write a whole article if you’d like about the indepth stuff and the basics. My instagram is @130_James.Dean

  3. Had a ’03 and had my eye on getting a ’06+ but no longer worth it after price rocketed on these. Picked up a ’09 Cayman instead.

  4. My dad has one, already told him it’s mine when he wants to let go of it. Got the Honda bug from my Integra so need that sweet VTEC again in my life 😂

  5. I spun my AP1 after owning it for about 10 minutes. Respect the snap oversteer. Best car I ever owned.

  6. I used to have one in the exact same colour as this back in the 2000s. Probably the best car I ever owned. Gearshift is unmatched, handling was like a go cart. But, at just over 6 foot tall, the car is too small for me. The steering wheel is in your knees and the top of the windscreen is too low. Surprised the reviewer didn’t mention any of that. The car is built for small Japanese people.

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