2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo – Rated

It's Hagerty's new evaluation program where journalist Zack Klapman as well as pro chauffeur Leh Keen put the Ferrari F8 Tributo via its speeds. Exactly how does Ferrari's twin-turbo V8 stackup?

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21 Replies to “2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo – Rated”

  1. I think the rating system could use a bit of tweaking, maybe bracket each section between the best and worst legends in each (i.e. The Lookback is between an Aztek and an E Type or something) but entertaining show with good hosts.

  2. Love the idea for this show and this episode was great, thought the rating criteria could maybe be a bit more straight-forward, or explain what each criteria means. Definitely put out more of these!

  3. This show is great, but my least favorite automotive pet-peeve is in it. I know it’s futile at this point, but I can’t help myself.
    It’s **lb-ft** (pound-feet), not ft-lbs (foot-pounds). They are different units of measurement that tell you different things. lb-ft is a measurement of torque, as in the amount of pounds of force is being expressed in a rotating manner. ft-lbs is a measurement of work (which is force over time or distance), as in the amount of force being applied in one foot of distance. A single horsepower is equivalent to 550 foot-pounds, where horsepower cannot be converted to pound-feet.

  4. Excited for these new shows. Shame about the F8 Trib. Crazy fast but sounds awful. I wouldn’t want to drive a car that sounds like a plugged up vaccum

  5. I really like having the differing viewpoints of a racer vs a journalist on these cars. Great show!

  6. I’m excited for you’re new content. This is starting to feel like the motor trend of the mid 2010’s but better.

  7. Its really odd that Leh has his helmet on while going over the rating… He should also set lap times, why not… everyone loves that stuff

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