2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – RATED

Two-time Talladega victor and also NASCAR driver Parker Kligerman and press reporter Kim Coon bring the new Shelby Mustang GT500 to the track to see what a supercharged V8 with 760 horse power can do. Kligerman, who has raced in all three NASCAR series, is a previous Penske development chauffeur and existing racing analyst that covers NASCAR, IMSA and other auto racing collection.

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31 Replies to “2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – RATED”

    1. I understand the rating. I personally can’t stand the raspy sound of the Coyote/Voodoo variants, but I know some people love it. 🤷‍♂️

    1. @computiNATEor and yet he can’t manage a mustang… I guess he’s one of those that can only turn a gradual left… point is, bring back Leh King from the last episode, he can turn both directions and manage a car out of a turn without looping it.

    2. @computiNATEor there’s a difference between managing a car on corner exit to not loop it and drifting

    3. @Bob Last He was pretty clearly trying to powerslide it for the camera car that he was following.

  1. For the future, I think this format would work better with the journalist’s segment filmed on the road. A journalist’s on-track perspective isn’t very valuable when it’s followed by a racing driver pushing the car to its limit – which is what track driving is really all about. Naturally, I don’t learn anything about the car’s limit handling by hearing what it’s like to drive at 6 or 7 tenths on the track. That’s what the pro driver segment then shows – thereby making the journalist’s stint redundant! Cars like the GT500 and F8 are fundamentally held back by their daily usability – and the episode should end with the journo and racer deciding whether the car’s track competency beats out its on-road flaws. Is it as fun on a back road as it is around Atlanta Motorsports Park? THAT is where the discrepancy between the two’s perspectives arises – who cares about a subjective 1-point difference in sound rating?!

  2. Videos like this really highlight what’s so good about a cammisa or Chris Harris video. Their genuine appreciation and knowledge/experience of cars definitely comes through, where as videos like this aren’t bad, they are just inoffensive mediocre car content.

    1. Yes! The content just doesn’t mean that much if I can’t get someone’s opinion who I can tell or know has the experience. Mainly here for Cammisa.

  3. Hagerty Team, you need to work with Kim and Parker on their presenting skills. I was waiting for the airbag to break Kim’s arm as she drove with one hand across the bag. Get her a day or two with a professional driver to teach her proper hand placement and wheel control. I didn’t hear a thing she said, I just kept watching poor hand placement. Parker needs to take a professional presentation class where he learns to teach and engage, he was repetitive and difficult to follow. Love what you’re doing into the new year but your team needs refinement.

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