2020 Land Rover Defender – RATED

Hagerty contributor Kevin Madsen as well as proficient race automobile motorist Robb Holland test the colony Vagabond Defender, which returns to the U.S. for the first time because 1997. Has it been missed out on, as well as is it worth the delay? Find out just how the Land Wanderer Protector gets ranked.

New Cars And Truck Evaluation:

0:00 Hagerty's RATED – 2020 Land Vagabond Defender
0:52 Kevin Madsen's 2020 Land Vagabond Defender evaluation
3:57 Robb Holland's 2020 Land Vagabond Defender testimonial
6:42 2020 Land Wanderer Protector obtains RANKED

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40 Replies to “2020 Land Rover Defender – RATED”

  1. One of the least insightful reviews of this car that I have seen so far. It *MUST* be tested in both tough off-road and everyday (i.e. school run and Home Depot duty) settings.

    1. Yeah I had to shut it off seems so scripted with so many words but with nothing of value to say. Get Klapman to do more of these.

    2. This series is a bust. The journalist just lists a bunch of specs a viewer can just look up themselves and sounds like car salesman than a reviewer. Focus on the driver experience and standout features/ issues with the car.

    1. Anyone who says this car is inferior to the old defender has no clue how much of a shitbox the older one was to drive. Yes the older defender was probably better built and the design on the new one is not my cup of tea. But off-road and on road the new one is just a better car period.

  2. I’ve still got my 2004 Discovery and my 2015 LR4. I waited for the NEW Discovery and it was a flop. Decided to wait for the NEW Defender with high hopes, but I got my deposit back.
    The drive is great and the power is there, but the rear entry and storage is half of my LR4, the looks are blah and the interior is not what i want to spend $100k on. Honestly it reminds me of what GM did to the Hummer brand with the H2.

    1. Thankyou. I agree entirely. They should have dropped this idea and made a true update to the disco 4. Defender is for farmers and military that is what the brand was designed for now its a way over priced gimic.

    2. @Paul oh that make sense now lol. I personally think the price (in the US) for the defender is actually acceptable and somewhat affordable, considering a wrangler rubicon is gonna cost you 40k-50k and a G wagon is selling for over 150k plus markup. Until the new Bronco came out, you can’t really find another pure hardcore off-roading vehicle.

    3. @Melo Z over here they start at 60k but that’s for the baby 4 cylinder. This was always a work vehicle in the uk which meant it used to sit under 40k for decent spec now you could go get 2 pickups for the price of one defender.

  3. Don’t want to be negative but some honest feedback, this is the least successful series currently on the Hagerty channel. I don’t know what is off about the presentation but its just not working at all.

  4. All that money for a 4-Runner imposter. When the Bronco comes out there will be a lot of Defenders sitting in the used car lot at Ford.

    1. This car is nothing like a 4Runner beyond them both being SUVs you can off road in. 6 cylinders maybe? One is body on frame vs this being aluminum unibody. This also has air suspension where the 4Runner does not. This is a new car where the 4Runner is quite dated. They aren’t even close.

  5. You should put “Reliability” on there and start with : “No one in a right mind should buy Land Rover, with that being said, here are the scores.”

  6. You are all wrong, many owners will have this vechile off-road. The dealers maintenance lot is clearly off-road.

  7. I love the updated look but the old Defender was a work horse of a vehicle. This looks more like a luxury vehicle.

  8. Good review by kevin,not the most exiting of cars but still manages to give useful review on a car that will most likely pick up the kids at soccer practice and grab groceries meanwhile being stuck in traffic.good to know it drives like butter on a rough gravel road though

  9. Well, you said it in your one of your first sentences. “Keep SOME of that offroad heritage”. Like what, the name tag?

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