2021 BMW M3/M4 get redesign of controversial face | Chip Foose Draws a Car

Chip shows us his take on the 2021 BMW M3's questionable front-end. The brand-new BMW M3 sports car and M4 sedan are, well, not without their detractors. A lot of that venom is guided at their brand-new face, which takes BMW's historic kidney grilles to brand-new lows: The new grilles droop much below the bumper's centerline, making a face with the exact same oversized grille treatment as a lot of various other high-end, luxury/performance lorries.

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22 Replies to “2021 BMW M3/M4 get redesign of controversial face | Chip Foose Draws a Car”

  1. Nice to see Chip tackle this! Personally, I would keep the bottom intake as one single opening without the division. More of this Hagerty!

  2. Your design is so much better! I think I’d shape the kidneys more like beans and less like hexagons, but I’d grow to like yours for sure.
    Honestly, you know you’ve screwed up as a designer when Mr Foose himself says your design is terrible and doesn’t fit together… A man that’s always so accepting towards other designs, and you’re rightfully hating this one. Love BMWs and their understated designs and the new M3/M4s are just ugly as hell, sadly. It’s like the design started with an Alfa Giulia, they put Lexus lights on the back and a barn door as a grille and called it good.

  3. There’s already a German design company that’s come up with the same concept bumper as Chip drew. Readying it for production when the car is released.

  4. I totally agree with your sentiments Chip. Your design by definition is compromised but so much better than the BMW presentation . And your other criticisms are totally justified . Come on BMW get your act together!!

  5. From the side the front looks like an Alfa.

    BMW seems to make every second generation beautiful and the next one not so much.

    In my mind the M3 should have a nimble appearance, it’s a sports car not a autobahn tank.

  6. Agree with everything you said. My issue is also the horizontal design of the grill’s inserts instead of going vertical it adds weirdness to the shapes more than ever. If only your front end was production, someone needs to get on making that a reality and sell it as a kit.

  7. As a long-standing shareholder of BMW, I can only say that I like the changes in the design and I think that with it (and with a powerful petrol engine) it would certainly sell very well.

  8. New one is FUGGLY but you’ve gone a turned it into a Pontiac. Good job, it looks FAR better. (edit – Oh yeah, I STILL detest the Banglebutts).

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