2021 RAM 1500 TRX – RATED

Veteran race cars and truck motorist Robb Holland along with freelance author and driving instructor Kevin Madsen check the brand new 2021 Ram 1500 TRX on the track and also in the dust. Does the Hellcat-powered Ram live up to the buzz?

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28 Replies to “2021 RAM 1500 TRX – RATED”

  1. “Freedom, Liberty, and Horsepower.” When American auto makers compete for horsepower, we all win. Keep the competition alive!

  2. By continuously changing the hosts, you make the ratings completely meaningless. Please consider making the hosts consistent. I think the content will be better and more meaningful.

    1. agreed the rating system is objectives and by changing the review you just bring in another variables

  3. This thing is just insane! There is a rumor that it has an accelerometer built in that will measure any negative g situation (I.e. jumps) so that your local service department can notify FCA to void your warranty. Buy who cares! It’s an amazing beast of a truck that the aliens will certainly appreciate when they get here!

  4. I love what he said about the shifter. Push Forward is for down shift, pull back should be for up shift. That’s perfect.

    1. I love the way his wrist was bent and arm contorted to reach the little automatic gear selector below the super size console armrest.

  5. Ram claims it can be competitive at Baja with only a switch in tires.
    Step up Ram and prove it. I’d like to see it cause they may be right. 🇨🇦

    1. I thought having him on here was a waste of time. Obviously not a off-road truck person. Kind of like having a soccer mom on here to rate it who hates trucks and prefers minivans

  6. Thanks for this video! I really needed more help in trying to convince my friend to ditch his V6 Raptor 😂

  7. I kinda doubt there are going to be many of these on the used car market in a few years that haven’t been put through the Whistlin Diesel experience.

  8. Interesting seeing the two different points of view. I’d of thought the ratings would have been the opposite of what they were. Being someone that can’t really stand trucks, it’d be hard for me to enjoy this Dodge, but I’d give it a rip, just for the insane horsepower and torque numbers. And the jab at the Raptor was funny.
    It was nice seeing Kevin’s point of view on why he liked the truck.

  9. Timelessness of 1??? When V8’s disappear, people in a few decades will be dreaming these trucks were still around.

  10. Idk why these episodes are so short, they can definitely be dragged out for over 15 minutes getting more into the car without feeling like it’s rushed.

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