2021 Toyota Supra meets the BMW M2 CS: the Mk4’s real successor | Jason Cammisa on the Icons Ep. 01

What makes a Supra, a Supra? Our expert auto reporter Jason Cammisa asks that very concern as he pits the updated Mk5 A90 Supra versus its mechanical double, the BMW Z4 M40i as well as the Mk5's predecessor, the A80 Mk4 Supra Turbo.

Cammisa likewise heads to Toyota's CALTY Style Research Center to visit the spectacular FT-1 idea auto that enlivened the Supra– where he talks with Kevin Hunter, its developer, concerning the challenges in grafting the FT-1's layout language onto the Z4's hard points.

The surprise star of the video clip is the 2021 BMW M2 CS. Theoretically, it would seem to have nothing to do with the Supra, but actually, there's a debate to be made that it's an also much better Supra than the Supra itself.

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39 Replies to “2021 Toyota Supra meets the BMW M2 CS: the Mk4’s real successor | Jason Cammisa on the Icons Ep. 01”

    1. I’ll take the compliment because we crashed none of the cars doing that intro sequence. 😬 Also, thanks!

    1. @Mateja Atanasov You’re not wrong but after watching years of car reviews and content, this is finally one where I can truly hear the exhaust in all it’s glory while still getting the dialogue across. It’s one of the few car videos where I don’t feel the need to pull up exhaust videos to get a sense of what the engine sounds like.

  1. Watched this video and at the ending screen fade I was expecting to hear the applause of the Top Gear studio. It honestly felt like I was watching 2008 Top Gear again. Bravo Jason, as usual.

    1. @Aadi Wu look up the ISSIMI channel on YouTube, it’s where Jason has been hiding out for the last year

  2. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Hagerty bringing us free content that pretty much any other company would charge for.

    Also, damn Jason, you drive better than a movie stunt driver!!

  3. Camissa does it again. He can drive, talk and put a great story together. Bravo hope this never ends.

  4. BEST. INTRO. EVER. Hooked from the 1st second till the very last. This IS the new standard. Bravo Hagerty team 👏

  5. Jason, thank you for filling the Chris Harris shaped void that we have all been so desperately needing on YouTube. Between you and Henry Catchpole, I think us angry internet gearheads are finally sated.

    1. I find it funny that all it took for the b58 tuning scene to explode is a nameplate. Sure before the mk5 came about there is an aftermarket scene for the b58. But after the mk5 came out, next thing you know, there’s built motors for drag & pro drifting, 1/4 mile times for the platform dropped, & suddenly more aftermarket brand names have taken to it. Hell HKS took up r&d for the mk5 so they can expand into tuning BMW products as a whole. It’s nuts.

    2. I’ve seen your videos Albon, I know you are an A90 supporter. Jason pins a heavily modified Mk4 against a stock Mk5. I fair comparison would need to include at least a tuned Mk5 on ethanol through Ecutek (Botti or Marintuned) or something to that effect. Running 10’s on tune only with my A90, the aftermarket potential goes grossly under appreciated for the MK5. What do you think?

    3. @Monica Perez I’ll say. Give it a few more years. Once the aftermarket starts seeing the B58 being swapped into other cars and we see more with both built B58s and billet block B58s and whatever toyo does with it in its later years it’ll blow up just like the GTR did and people will 180 on what they thought about the mk5 Other than the BMW criticism probably not calming down but still. Either way people say they should’ve made it themselves or should’ve used this or that platform from lexus(even tho that makes zero sense when we’ve had these lexuses around for years mainly them saying it should’ve been based on the RC or LC even tho they’ve been around for years and people barely doing anything close to what people are doing with the current. They are not bad cars its just people seem to not try to do anything with them)even tho people should’ve just been using those cars from the get go without the supra sharing anything from them will probably still stand in some peoples opinion till the car ends production(sorry for the paragraph). I’ll just say yea the cars a BMW but tbh not a single modern toyo is used or modified anywhere close to the mk5 other than the GT86 and that’s a Subaru so saying it being a BMW isn’t a bad thing when it has people using it for what it’s built for even when the toyo community itself uses the mk4 in most conversations it’s pretty rare they ever bring in any of the modern platforms like the RCF or ISF in these kind of conversations about the mk5 and what people have done with them vs the mk5.

  6. Dear Hagerty,

    Please give this man whatever he needs to make whatever he wants. Even if what he wants to make are karaoke videos.

    The Internet

  7. Like, this is literally the highest production value, best executed car content you can get right now. I am floored.

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