2022 Subaru BRZ, MINI Vision Urbanaut, 2022 Honda Civic – Daily Driver

The Subaru BRZ is all new with even more power as well as technology, Mini introduces the Vision Urbanaut self-driving EV idea, and also Honda goes down the coupe model from the Civic schedule. And also, You Paid What.


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32 Replies to “2022 Subaru BRZ, MINI Vision Urbanaut, 2022 Honda Civic – Daily Driver”

    1. @Yellowdog Welding, Bill at least 4 other people taut so too 🥸🤠🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    2. @David w If it has to be explained, it won’t be understood. Go ahead, keep making comments to a total stranger about their looks or how much you have missed them. I’m guessing most are prepubescent boys.

  1. Still a little bummed about the new BRZ stats. Not that I was in the market before but for ~$30k I think it’s tough to argue for the BRZ over a used Mustang GT/Camaro for less

    1. It would be tough If you considered some actual BRZ rivals with good handling. Like a GT86, BMW 1 series, BMW 2 series, Audi TT, MX5…

    2. You can’t compare a used car that’s a dime a dozen with a brand new car on price. But the looks are just off and 11% more power isn’t gonna cut it if we have to rebuild the bottom end just to add another 150hp again. It needs to be driveway tune friendly.

    3. @TheZoonder ya I guess I could’ve rattled off every single used sports car on the market but I think the point was made with the 2 of the best selling sports cars in the US…

  2. The civic just got a bit more mature. Just like the people who use to buy them when they were young. Good move, Honda.

    1. It’s definitely underwhelming looking like a non car guy designed it. The old one looked good and drove pretty great, just needed a better engine. I hope this new engine can be boosted without rebuilding the bottom end, and maybe it’ll look better after a refresh or a couple mods.

    2. @Iroquois Pliskin In black its not too bad looking, but that silver really accentuates some weird lines.

  3. I bet these vids would be silent if they tied her hands down. Cause she cant talk without waving them around

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