3000hp 67′ HELLEANOR Mustang – BARN FIND?!


45 Replies to “3000hp 67′ HELLEANOR Mustang – BARN FIND?!”

    1. his butt was hurting, he gets a pass. if my 3000hp car just took an L, no one is getting fist bumps

    2. El Chapo

      i dont think he saw that he was trying to fistbump him. awkward indeed, but i dont think it was intentional.

    1. “It’s an ORIGINAL claw hammer…… All that has been replaced is the handle,and the head….. 😉

    2. Jeez relax. Everybody is getting all worked up over something that literally does nothing to affect their daily lives. The guy had owned the car for years before this video. I’m sure he forgot the fact that most people aren’t aware that it’s a unibody frame. I’m sure the guy was referring to that detail.

    1. Edward Thayer Damn dude. I wasn’t aware the car knew what manufacturer made the motor. This is no different that the old Gassers that had the biggest cube, highest horsepower of any other make at the time so that’s what they used. If it’s fast and clean who gives a crap what powers it, or if it has epoxy/resin/composite parts on it? I was just laughing because all steel is a oxymoron on that car, not because it’s gay. To each there own I guess.

    2. He probably already knows this, but he can get carbon fiber bumpers and lose some more weight (and the car would still be all steel by his definition). 🙂

    3. I love this. Raw power the butterflies your get when they start. It goes through you. Awsome.

  1. 1:18 It’s all steel! ‘Cept 6 parts…the Deck Lid, 2 front fenders, the hood and the 2 doors. Other than that, she’s an iron giant!!

    1. in fairness he said the ‘body’ is steel 🙂 but i laughed at the list of carbon/glass parts after too

  2. That car is right on the money when staging. Love how it looks to that’s a real badass Mustang

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