$341,000 1957 Porsche 356 A Speedster | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 6

Tom talks with a female with a messy $250,000 treasure in her garage that the family members has possessed since the 1960s.

RM Auctions is offering this automobile up for sale at the Hershey:

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49 Replies to “$341,000 1957 Porsche 356 A Speedster | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 6”

  1. I got to meet this guy at cars and coffee in Birmingham! He was in Michigan and was a really nice guy! I also got to see his woodie wagon. It was phenomenal!

    1. Go on there website. It’s on Woodward. They always have a good turnout, Toyota Supras, old Ferraris, Ford GT’s.

  2. Automotive – and American – history storytelling at its best, and Tom is the perfect person to tell those stories. To those commenters who pick at the production values, sure, this was pre-planned carefully, but that doesn’t detract from its value. In fact it makes makes it 13 minutes of something really worth watching.

    I have to agree with NYC LP Player, I was also having problems with that barn dust. Once I got that out of my eyes, I could see clearly enough to say “thanks” for this video.

    1. I say good for him and his right gut feeling to fall in love, on the first sight.
      These stories are fairytale quality and really rear to see in true life, especially in this age and time.Good to know “True love” still exists.

    1. absolutely right on jlattin21, she looks so fragile when she talks of her husband and the life they enjoyed together. Tom did the right thing listening sympathetically to her story. I hope she enjoys the money

    2. ahahahaha…..gli ha regalato anche laccio hagerty…….signora non ti far fregare…..quella macchina vale un sacco di soldiiiiiiii…….

  3. Was lucky enough to hang out with Tom a little bit on the day after this was shot. I can tell you that he was genuinely enthused and touched by this car’s story. I hope to see more Barn Find Hunter in the future!

  4. Love your show, sat down this AM and somehow came upon it and next thing I know I watched 6 episodes! Love the info on the vintage cars. Thanks!

  5. the feels. so nice of that lady to share. I think I would do the same thing with it. just new tires, go through the engine, and clean off the dust. I would leave it as it is.

    1. Could not said it any better!
      I firmly believe this is a gold mine that is not yet discovered…
      Leave it as is, but along with this video clip, in a museum.
      So much to learn and love here…

  6. Goal in life to find love like that, All these years later she still treasures the things he treasured. In this day and age that is sadly very rare. Great video Tom! Thanks !

    1. cougarbuckeye1 -What a lucky guy to have a wife who loved him so much she never sold his car even though it’s worth a boatload of cash. Quite unbelievable, I bet she never sells it….it will be her heirs who will sell it when she’s gone.

    2. These days when a family member dies, the remaining relatives fight for every penny and sell whatever they can that isn’t bolted down.

    1. or…maybe she needed the money and couldve gotten another 200k easily if she’d sent it to a high-end car auction

    2. Jerry Seinfeld is the richest comedian in the world, being worth almost a billion dollars as things currently stand. In 2018, Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is estimated to be $950 million. $500k is pocket change to him. He makes that in a week on interest.

    3. All I can say, Jay Leno could have easily paid more than a million for this car, if he had seen the clip, before hand but then and more importantly, this car should be the property of a museum, possibly owned by Porsche, unaltered, whatsoever, with a continuous running video clip of this YT presentation, at the site, before the viewers can see the car, in that exhibition.
      This thing is priceless, only if the right people would know about its existence.

    1. wow …….how sad it brought a tear to my eye….her life was her husband and that car …and now all she had was a pen that she kept and the car …..and all the history of her life …….so sad

    2. @Johhny England I would say the opposite. How wonderful that she found so much love and to have so many memories. Not everyone gets that in life, she was lucky.

  7. Memories…as I get older memories become more and more important. The memory of something becomes more important than the actual material item the memory is of. Maybe that’s why people let cars rot and refuse to sell them. They can’t afford to restore them but they wouldn’t dare sell it because a memory is priceless.

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