365ft Barn, dusty Jaguar E-Types and an angry opossum | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 20

Barn Discover Hunter Tom Cotter has been searching automobiles given that he was 12 and has discovered greater than his share of covert gems. So when he says, "This is what dreams are constructed from," you can take it to the financial institution.

In BFH, episode 20, offered by Covering and also Quake State, Tom heads to South Carolina and also obtains more than he imagined. First, he admires the remains of a rare 1953 Woodill Wildfire, among around 300 constructed by Dodge and Willys dealer Blanchard Robert "Woody" Woodill in Downey, Calif. Tom checks out a 1967 Porsche 912 and a 1947 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special when points obtain a little wild– literally.

After driving to North Carolina to visit old friend Steve Davis, a former participant of Dale Jarrett's NASCAR group, Tom walks via a car-filled structure that Steve asserts "is longer than a football field." He isn't kidding. Tom likewise admires a barn full of Jaguars– from an XK140 roadster to an XKE 2 +2– as well as inspects a 1932 Chevrolet moonshine vehicle, total with a bullet hole in the back home window.

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55 Replies to “365ft Barn, dusty Jaguar E-Types and an angry opossum | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 20”

    1. So much I wanna buy can’t afford 😾 I’m sure this guy wishes he could buy all and fix but realizes he should not allow someone else complete their hunt.

    2. Lino Mogorovic you have a bike in this video ,I have been looking for a long time , how can I get in touch , as I wld need to look in to shipping , in uk were paying six to seven grand for pristine examples if u can find them ,but it’s the taking the hunk of junk and getting it on the road that wrks for me ,

  1. There is nothing like that in my country. :/
    The best you can find would be an old USSR automobile that is not worth the money to take to the crusher.

    1. exactly what i was thinking 😀 lol but srsly some cars here are too cool but mostly they are hidden nad people dont talk about them 😀 like one old man have “big housegarage” near to my house and you easy miss that garage its liek common older building from early 1900s and i saw car when he was in it i came closer and said “hello can i see that car you have here ?” and he was like “no!! get out its not your bussines” and i was close and saw like 3 30s 40s ? cars ? dusty but looked great probably they could run also lot of car stuff in it also some motorcycles and other cool stuff… im now like what happend when he die ? will be those stuff for sale or what ? 😀

    2. There is, you just need to find them, really.
      I drove past Lago D’Iseo in Italy last summer, apparently in the neighborhood houses a mid 30’s fiat..

    3. There’s some cool old commie cars, sure there’s no fords, jags and so on but the commies did make the odd good car

  2. this is so interesting you could make much longer episodes! i could watch that for hours and listen to the storys of these old beauties.

  3. I hope Hagerty has realised that this series should become one of the most people, if not already the most popular on their channel. Keep at it. Plenty of finds to be had!! I’d love to see some sort of restoration show also.

  4. It’s lovely the see that incredible big block, manual/stick shift County Squire again, what an incredibly cool and rather unique wagon…

    1. You can’t have a better “sleeper”.Get the picture: Tom sitting at a red light, kid comes up in the next lane in his ‘stang and laughs at him ” Yo sir, ya drive your Granny’s car! yuk yuk!” And then Tom nails it… End of story.  :-))))

  5. The guy in Maggie Valley is a hoarder. It’s a shame those cars and bikes don’t get to be used and are just rotting away. Another great episode!

    1. if they didn’t grab them they would crush them,after so long the day should arrive when people come in and get to buy one car for one dollar and maybe give these cars another chance,just my fantasy!!!!

  6. I am from the uk 🇬🇧 and so enjoy watching these shows, I knew nothing about American cars until I started watching, I feel I have learnt a lot and love the passion you guys have for the old stuff, I have watched every episode and wait to see news ones, I searched and found my own barn find three cars on a farm in a barn that had been sat for 12 years I bought them and have recommissioned one and half way through the next. This programme is pure inspiration keep it up guys!!!! 👍

    1. Awesome! What cars did you find? Which one is up and running and which one is the current project? It would be great if you could share your story and some photos on our new forums at forums.hagerty.com!

    1. It’s a very bad addictive sickness to do what they do there collector’s not sellers in the business to make money cause they Don’t need money believe it

  7. What is the point of having 12 barns full of cars and bikes that should be sold to people that would put them back on the road (where they truly belong, and would be properly treasured) ….. what a waste

    1. Tell you what, you and everyone like you. Buy a collection of your own and then you can do what “should be done.”

  8. What’s the point of owning all those cars if you’re just going to leave them outside exposed to all the elements to slowly rot away? I don’t understand these people. If you truly love cars then why not at least try to keep them in a somewhat reasonable condition? Such a waste.

    1. “once they have gone to the other side”. there are no luggage racks on Hearsts ……. @Dan Daman

    2. tibor29    Yes so dumb beyond comprehension , as bad as the worst vandal smashing them as in the end they are so decayed they cant be fixed as the cost is too much for people to bother .

  9. i feel sorry 4 the little oppusum ,he lost his Warm Apartment in the warm motor room of that 47 Cadillac.kindly Erik

  10. Its absolutely heartbreaking to see these Jags sit and rot like this. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  11. I love this show, but it drives me crazy! So many people with beautiful cars that are completely neglected! They need to sell them to someone who will drive and appreciate it.

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