’60s Hellcat Charger Imagined, $35,000 Bugatti EV, V8-Swapped Catera – Daily Driver

What if Dodge constructed a Hellcat Charger in the '60s? And also: Bugatti constructs an electrical automobile that costs just $75,000. Some Aston Martin tales go on sale. A Cadillac Catera with a V8. Host: Tiffany Rock

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21 Replies to “’60s Hellcat Charger Imagined, $35,000 Bugatti EV, V8-Swapped Catera – Daily Driver”

  1. So Lingenfeldter actually created a one-off, USDM Holden Commodore, as it has been manufactured Down Under for almost 20 years?

  2. Great content & video, the audible prompt between pictures, not so much. Please make it stop, seriously.

  3. Than I suggest start building the Hellcat Charger instead of talking about. Put the money where your mouth is Hagerty and get to work building it since we do have the tire technology that could handle a 575 horsepower Charger.

  4. im doing that exact same thing to my 71 dodge demon and a 2018 dodge demon
    paxton supercharged stroker 318 (390) with the hemi scoop, ducktail spoiler, widebody fender flares, front splitter and try to hit the 10s in the ¼ mile while still being drive able in the streets

  5. 5:13 TECHNICALLY the 1966 Charger was the “original” Charger. 1969 was the second generation. Sorry to pick nits.

  6. I love Hagerty. They hold the insurance policy on my garage Queen, they’ve already helped me spend it all if I win the lottery, and this girl is one hell of a catch if she didn’t already have a ring on that hand.

  7. Go check out the rendering of a v8 corvair, mid engine. I know many have been custom made but the rendering, I think by the same people, is spectacular.

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