757HP Callaway Corvette, Ferrari SF90, Porsche’s lifted 911 – Daily Driver

Ferrari unveils the 211MPH SF90 Crawler, Callaway commemorates 25 years of competing with a 757HP C7, as well as Porsche shows off previously-unseen Safari idea from 2012. Plus, Did You Know Porsche made a 919 Street concept?


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20 Replies to “757HP Callaway Corvette, Ferrari SF90, Porsche’s lifted 911 – Daily Driver”

  1. Whatever happened to that stupid Callaway Corvette Station Wagon? Are they pretending they never did that now?

    1. @Post posterous I just assumed they solved perpetual motion by the motor spinning the supercharger and then the turbo spinning up both. Self feeding loop, makes sense to me.

  2. Is that mug bolted to the table? Was a cute prop for first two or three vids, now way past “use by” date.

  3. This COULD BE an ACTUAL ( Auto enthusiast/ Racing enthusiasts Channel..) If, It were hosted by ACTIAL Automotive Enthusiast… Just being REAL ! Why not have. ( The former Athlete known as Katylin Jenner, ) Trevor Noah.. Whatever he is.. Pee Wee Herman. Or, I’m sure AOC could Dish on her favorite.. Bug Eye Sprite !! & Why she feels they are twins… Hey, in these BEYOND Preposterous times, What do you expect for a comment ? MORE Bad News ?? & YES ! BMW IS Preparing a “Cease and desist” COURT ORDER on you’re Blatant Rip Off of their Trademarked [ ///M ] Motorsports Logo. Cheers !

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