800 Horespower Shelby Mustang GT500, Tesla Drivers Loses License, $172,000 Subaru – Daily Driver

Shelby American offers scandal sheets of the Mustang GT500 as well as GT350, a German web traffic court might spell difficulty for Tesla proprietors, and also a Subaru 22B costs $172,000. Plus, an overview to Bonneville Rate Week. Host: Tiffany Rock.



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22 Replies to “800 Horespower Shelby Mustang GT500, Tesla Drivers Loses License, $172,000 Subaru – Daily Driver”

  1. i agree with the ruling, touch screens in vehicles are in fact electronic devices. what could be accomplished by the simple push of a button now requires navigating through a tablet while traveling down the road. that’s not good!

  2. GT upgrades may give you more driver excitement, but not as much excitement as the crowd on the sidewalk guessing which direction you are going to veer.

  3. yeah because you have to focus on the damn toch screen and touchbwith precision some digital controls. I still find my E46 very ergonomiv

  4. “You know what I’m talking about, guys. . . youre like, putting it in, like going ‘come on baby’. Then you’re off.” She needs to proof read, lol

  5. What you, and Hagerty are doing with this channel makes every car guys day a little brighter. My personal Thanks go To You, David, and Tom.

  6. QUESTION , What is the advantage / disadvantage of using zinc additives in motor oil ? Is this a real thing or is it just hype?

  7. At T2:45, the driver took their eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, and decided that their wipers were more important. That’s negligent driving. Stop making excuses for stupid.

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