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The Aznom Palladium ultimately exposes itself, Mopar puts its 807HP Redeye engine up for sale, Ford includes the GT500 engine to components catalog, and Bentley intends to be an EV-only business by 2030. Plus, did you recognize the Italian police utilize a Lamborghini Huracan for organ delivery?


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electric-line-up-by-2030/– uses-lamborghini-to-transport-donor-kidney-for-key-surgery-6995117/.

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27 Replies to “807 HP Redeye Crate Motor, Lamborghini police car, Aznom Palladium – Daily Driver”

    1. The lambo is faster than the vehicle that can go faster and takes a straighter path with much less traffic? That’s a very interesting magic trick.

    1. @Louis Vidalinc I had forgotten VW announced they are phasing out all gasoline powered to electric.
      Volkswagen needs to change their name to VoltsWagen.

  1. I have been a petrol head all my life, but I feel like anything internal combustion now feels very dated. Why would you want to have a whole factory under the hood to create less power than a Tesla, unless you like fumes and noise?

  2. Great report, Tiffany. I guess the only reason the Italians use Lambos instead of helicopters is because they CAN!

  3. Why not use a helicopter?
    Obviously we have helicopters in Italy.
    Police Lamborghinis (there are two) are another option on the table to choose from. Lambos are often faster because you have to take the organs from the hospital, bring them to the heliport, load them on the helicopter that flies to the other city where another car is waiting for it. Then you need to unload the organ from the helicopter and the car has to rush to the hospital.
    More time is lost from the hospitals to the helicopter than from the flight time, considering also that the distances in Italy are shorter than in the USA.
    For these reasons, sometimes Lamborghinis are a faster way to reach the goal of saving time.
    Keep in mind that the Italian geography is totally different from the American geography, that our hospitals are smaller and often without the space for the helicopter on the roof. The bigger hospitals have it, obviously, the smaller ones don’t, so often, sometime, Lamborghinis are the easiest and faster way. They are simply another option to choose from.

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