$900 Richard Petty 426 Wedge Engine and a whole bunch of Ford Galaxies | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 44

An area loaded with corroded cars and trucks simply off the Interstate in southerly Virginia leads Tom to Snowball Bishop, an old stock automobile racer and real auto individual. Snowball remembers an excellent tale of buying a 426 Wedge engine from Richard Petty. Tom then searches the field of parts cars before having a look at a 1963 Ford Galaxie convertible that's searching for a brand-new home … with a price that may have you grabbing your purse.

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53 Replies to “$900 Richard Petty 426 Wedge Engine and a whole bunch of Ford Galaxies | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 44”

  1. Please don’t use premiere, it kills your views. If you look on here a lot of big channels have even pulled the video and uploaded it again. If the video is ready, post it.

    1. i dislike the premiere as well because i see it pop up on my subscriptions click it see its a premiere leave and then forget about it and not come back for awhile

    2. @(O=[][]=O) Nobody uses the word ‘grandpa’ anymore. Get with the times grandypops! BTW, what’s this “tv” you speak of?

    3. @(O=[][]=O) You don’t watch what? You must have misread my post. I didn’t say you watched tv, I asked you what a tv is? I don’t know….. How could I accuse you of doing something that I know nothing about? By “tv”, do you mean ‘True Value’, like the hardware store, or are you talking about US sec of agriculture Tom Vilsack?

  2. Drove by this guys house about million times never know the history. What nice lot of people are very nice in that area. I live not far away.

    1. Were is it located i think i might drive by that place just wanna make sure its actually the place kinda wanna talk with the guy and maybe buy some cars

    2. @Ethan Sullivan Wythe County, Southwestern Virginia. Beautiful area. It’s got to have been the easiest drive for Tom, yet.

    1. Sure beats the jackass names people are naming their kids. I can’t blame the parents being they, themselves were born in the 1070s.

    1. Joe Brown ya I built old hot rods for years as I get older I have slowed down but I do have a 46 Chevy truck under way. A bit of sacrilege but a 68 390 4 speed is going in it haha. Setting it on an early wagon frame this winter! Hope to lay a patch this spring!!

    2. @Dog is my co-pirate. Relic hunting Montana Way cool man. I never knew all this about you & I’m liking it. Some of my best times & now memories about the 60’s. I have a video I took with 8mm camera of my 66 Nova SS. Had it converted to DVD. Wish I could see photos of the 46 truck you’re doing.

    1. Will Trautman I agree. I could listen to this guy ALL day and never be bored. I felt as if I was there when he said that Old man Lee hollered for Richard to come out there. By the way, it’s “Moparts” (5:22). I was in tears from laughter. “There is no school like the old school”.

    1. Wow. I was blown away! I didn’t expect it would ever start when he first opened the hood and looked in. When he first started to do the screwdriver-coil startup, I still didn’t expect it to start. I figured it would either not start, or start but sound really rough at best. Nope. It sounds really smooth and healthy!

    1. He’s a cool guy. I’ve got parts from him before and it’s hard to leave. He’s a talker and it’s so interesting to hear his old stories.

  3. This show was meant for me. I’m 64 yrs old and have had two 64 Galaxies and one of them was my first car. I’m a 64 Ford man. Thanks for a great show

  4. When i was a boy i used to go around with my dad visiting old junkyards and such. My dad always had car projects going on. Seems like every junkyard had a guy like Snowball. And they liked seeing kids coming around. ALWAYS super friendly. I was too young to appreciate it but i remember one old boy had a 427 SOHC cammer engine. He was trying to sell it to my dad but dad passed on it because he had a 429 SCJ to go in a mustang. We stopped there because the guy had a set of Le Mans nodular iron rods dad needed. I remembered one old boy we used to frequent a lot (he had everything) was extremely hard of hearing. My dad had to talk like he was yelling at the man. Dad told me years later the man was mostly deaf because he was an artilleryman in wwii. He saw action at the Bulge and they laid-on counter fire for so long his hearing never recovered. I could go on and on. I loved listening to those men talk. They were from a different era. Most people would look at them as if they just old country boys, but they are an encyclopedia of knowledge, especially in automotive. Those days are all but gone.

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