A band of Broncos hidden in the Alaskan bush | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 47

Tom wrangles a herd of first-gen Ford Broncos outside a remote community in Alaska. As Tim, the owner of the lorries, reveals Tom around, it's apparent that his love of classic SUVs does not begin and also finish with Ford's famous two-door 4×4.

Tale as well as photos below:

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46 Replies to “A band of Broncos hidden in the Alaskan bush | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 47”

    1. You have to look at those 73 – 79 ford crewcabs more closely, they are rare! Everybody wants them these days, as first gen broncos and mustangs are all out of peoples budgets now sadly…

    2. I was stationed at Lowry AFB in Denver in late 70’s and they had quite a few of the blue broncos . Automatic with 302 , Dana 44 , rear locker , locking hubs and heavy duty heater package . Dual alternators , dual batteries . Thanks for sharing !

    3. @drklingon Honestly, keep looking, I find them all the time under 5000, needing complete restoration, they are out there !

  1. In 2005 I worked in the area around Dawson Creek. The beginning of the Alaskan Highway. As the fall season set in and the leaves fell I could see all kinds of cars and muscle cars in yards that were just sitting. One farmer had a several mopars in his yard. Great area to explore for barn finds, if they are still there.

  2. are we not gonna talk about the like 6, 70s dentside crewcabs he has, those are getting damn hard to find, im looking for one to turn into a expedition rig now and am hard pressed to find one thats not a $6000 shell.

    1. @M Mill you must be a little on the slow side since he never replied he meant it as in 6 trucks sitting there

    2. @carlton Bankz You must really be on the slow side because I made that comment 4 months ago. It was about the word “like” being used out of context. It was not “like 6 trucks” as any person can see.
      Next time you want to start with “you must be a little on the slow side” you may want to look at the date a comment was posted.

    1. Alaska has the 14th driest place in the US, with only 3.82” of annual precipitation, drier than Lake Havasu, AZ. Alaska is way bigger and more varied climate-wise than people realize.

  3. For all you 73-79 Ford crew cab lovers, I have a few in tucson, but they are f600. Also a ton of 55-59 , 67-72Chevy . First gen dodge crew Cummins project.

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