Assembling a Mopar A-833 Transmission | Redline Update

There is no shortage of tasks vying for Davin's time, but in this week's Redline Update it's the Chrysler four-speed that's on the operating room. A hands-on transmission is a terrific job if you have actually never ever rebuilt anything previously, and that means for Davin it is a project that can be done in a day or two. The teardown last week went efficiently and revealed that the transmission is in fact in good shape, to make sure that aided make the reconstruct procedure easier.

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24 Replies to “Assembling a Mopar A-833 Transmission | Redline Update”

  1. My 84 Evinrude has the same type of cage less bearings on the connecting rods. They are not that bad to reassemble but they were first like that I have ever seen.

    1. That’s over his head, he said it’s too heavy for a race car, he doesn’t think race car need to be bulletproof.

    2. pardon my ignorance, but is this a 383 transmission? I have a 65 Chrysler, stuff looks similar but Its been a few years since I’ve been under my car. I need to rebuild a lot of stuff, just curious if this is what I have. Thanks.

  2. Great project, thanks for taking us along, engineering within the limits of the era…are those left over parts on the table? 😉

  3. Every time I watch this I see something so crazy and he makes it look so easy. Im going with thats not Hollywood film making. Big press does help. Nice work!!

  4. Great work Davin. Great trick with the bearings. Like you say, that’s one big hunk of iron but obviously stood well over the years to live again! Fun to watch!

  5. Good old trick for this bearings is using a rubber band to secure bits in place. Then its pretty easy. Also applying generous amount of grease helps holding it in place

  6. You sandblasted the transmission? But but but the “patina!” lol GOOD really tired of seeing rust left on metal and claims it’ makes it look “cool”.

    1. Could agree more. I understand the look as a stop gap measure to preserve history of a special vehicle if you lack the skills or funds to get it back to its original condition.

  7. Maybe I missed the video, but I’d like to know a bit of Davin’s back story. He seems to be pretty good at a lot of stuff. As always great content.

  8. Depends on the racing, you wanna go drag racing in the 70s with a factory style stick, that was what you used cuz it was beefier than GM or Ford offerings…

  9. We had straight trucks with a Clark Transmissions that had pocket bearings with loose needles, but when we replaced them, they were contained in either a cardboard or plastic sleeve.
    I remember the popular 4 speeds were the Muncie, Ford Top Loader, and a Borg Warner T10.
    My dad had a 1950 Chevy with a cast iron power glide.That was heavy!

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