Aston Martin motorcycle, 1,200 horsepower crate engine, Jessi Combs Official Record – Daily Driver

Aston Martin begins checking its motorbike, Nelson Racing Engines has something for LS-lovers, and Jessi Combs enters the Guinness Globe Records. Guest Host Andrew Collins.

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23 Replies to “Aston Martin motorcycle, 1,200 horsepower crate engine, Jessi Combs Official Record – Daily Driver”

  1. Guinness. “If theres video proof of you cheating we’ll just ignore it”.

    Also if you let us use a video we’ll just claim all vids that look similar on youtube…

    1. That is correct. The story is about her top speed record officially being recognized as of today. The story never says she died this year.

  2. It was too bad for Jessi that she got involved with the North American Eagle when other more accomplished female drivers had walked away from it previously. Her so called world record was never going to be in any other print than the Guinness Comic-Book of Records because it was not run under FIA Rules that everybody else uses. The Budweiser Rocket did the same thing, without timing equipment or even a verified measured distance. Guinness will sell books, that’s their business.

  3. I don’t understand why Aston Martin needs a turbo to make 180hp, when others are making more than that naturally aspirated.

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