Audi e-tron GT, tiny RAM 700 pickup, best non-Aston Bond Cars – Daily Driver

Audi's new e-tron GT could be a Tesla competitor, the Ram 700 is a little pick-up, as well as you paid what? Plus, the very best Bond automobiles that aren't Aston Marrtins. Tiffany Stone host.



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21 Replies to “Audi e-tron GT, tiny RAM 700 pickup, best non-Aston Bond Cars – Daily Driver”

  1. You didn’t even mention the AMC Hornet James Bond did the barrel roll jump in to escape in a car chase.
    I think that was the only time that stunt was used in a movie.

  2. The Ram700 makes me think of a Kei Car Ute…Would I own it, well, that depends, if the over size is Dakota Esque, no, if it were more Kei Car sized to match the power, sure. Personally, i don’t generally have a use for a full size truck bed, but, having a cargo area that I am not worried about getting clean is a selling point for me. I rarely carry full size sheets of plywood, but a dirty, grimy motorycle engine? yup, often.

  3. In Ian Fleming’s original 1956 novel “Diamonds Are Forever” Fleming has James Bond visit America to work on a case with CIA agent Felix Leiter. Bond is picked up at the airport by Felix, who is driving a “special”— an ordinary-looking Studebaker which Felix has had fitted with a 472 V8 Cadillac engine. Bond is very impressed by the car, which Felix calls his Studillac. It sure would be fun to build a real-life Studillac, wouldn’t it?

  4. “So and so is coming for Tesla”… “So and so has the Tesla killer”… and so on… The only company with something notable is Rivian, but they hired people from Tesla to steal their secrets. When some real competition comes along wake me up. Elon WANTS the competition!

  5. That RAM 700 looks like MOPAR’s attempt at replicating the Honda Ridgeline. Why anyone would want to do something that damned stupid, I’ll never know.

  6. Thanks, Tiffany. I Remember Dodge’s little Rampage, it made sense at the time. Competing with the likes of VW’s Golf based p/u, the Rampage was more sporty, like a mini Elcamino. I think the “mini ” Ram will do well in that market.
    As for the Bond cars, you missed/neglected many others. That would take a while show of its own! C’mon Hagerty, how ’bout it!?…

  7. I think Audi should verify the meaning of the model names they come up with, as etron literally means “turd” in french… On second thought, maybe they did it on purpose? XD

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