Austin-Healey Clutch Reassembly | Kyle’s Garage – Episode 16

Kyle cleans up and also rebuilds the Austin-Healey's transmission.

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27 Replies to “Austin-Healey Clutch Reassembly | Kyle’s Garage – Episode 16”

  1. And now you know why they suggest new flywheel and pressure plate bolts when replacing the components.If you cannot find the torque specs for your particular vehicle try looking up the ones for something similar like a 1971 Ford Pinto. That would bring you into the ballpark. Also an air powered scribing pencil works great for removing bolts that the head has broken off as the vibrating action acts like a little impact tool to loosen the bolt. It was a standard tool for a machine repairman @ Caterpillar Tractor where I worked.

  2. Factory service manual states 22lb/ft for clutch cover to flywheel bolts. No wonder it snapped on you……if in doubt, google it!

    1. Correct. I did just that and while there are some differing comments, it is clear that 40 was too high. It took a matter of seconds to Google it.

  3. Don’t they normally recommend having the flywheel resurfaced when installing a new clutch and pressure plate? Got to love those old British convertibles!!

  4. I’m glad to see that other people do what I do. Run to the hardware store only to discover you had what you needed all along in your garage.

  5. There are charts of universal torque specs on the internet, They are based on thread type, bolt diameter and bolt grade and should be used if you can’t find your specific application. That looked like a 3/8 fine, assuming it is at least a grade five, torque should be 26 foot pounds according to the chart.

  6. Actually, the definition of a bad day would’ve been the engine falling off that rickety stool. Inexcusably stupid set up, particularly when he could’ve strapped it to the engine hoist all of three feet away. Assuming the pressure plate bolts should be torqued to the same setting as the much larger flywheel bolts isn’t too bright either.

  7. I love the way you can sit the engine on a wooden stool. Gotta love the A series engine and gearbox for ease of working. All the best with it. Cheers

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