Barn Find – 1968 Shelby Cobra GT500 Mustang Parked 41 years found

Globe record for "things" covering automobile, discovered in Blue Ridge Mountains

39 Replies to “Barn Find – 1968 Shelby Cobra GT500 Mustang Parked 41 years found”

  1. you know he wasn’t ever going to sell that car. They never do until they die and then the family gets rid of it. Well anyways he got his garage cleaned for FREE. lol

    1. Here’s a thought when the Shelby is going and painted take him for ride in it that’s only fair I reckon it, from Australia mate catch up in sales

    2. stude1953 this. As soon as he dies his kids will be selling it without a whim. People who horde cars-with zero intentions of enjoying it-are doing a great disservice to the car and themselves. Eventually baby boomers are going to start dying and their kids and grandchildren aren’t going to have any interest in them. You can’t really blame them because they have gotten so overinflated with the advent of Barrett Jackson, Mecum et al. Eventually the bubble will burst and you’ll see yenko camaros selling for 25k. Perfect example is how many street rods used to be around when I was a boy up till late teens. The people who had them have passed away and those cars are most likely in a garage somewhere rotting. Think about the lack of 34 fords, 32 highboys etc. there’s only a fraction of them running around anymore

    1. @Jerry Heasley keep us posted. Id be temped just to clean it up, leave the paint as is take care of the important stuff and drive/show it. Too many over restored cars out there..then everyone questions is it faked.

  2. How much did he part with it for? Will it be restored to original? Definitely want to see a follow up when it’s done

  3. it would have been a bonus to have the video run a couple minutes longer and display the car on the back of a tow truck with all the parts that went with it.

  4. I’ll have you know, God’s truth, In 1972, while stationed at Arlington Cemetery, I bought from that same dealer (Koon’s Ford) a brand new 1972 Ford Pinto. That’s right! A Pinto!

  5. When that beaut is restored, please please take it back and let him either drive or ride in it and record the tears he sheds. Amazing story. I could see the nostalgia and great memories in his eyes.

    1. I agree, let him get some wheel time in it once more!! that car needs to see the road…this is a true barn find.

  6. You can still say … “you have a 68′ Shelby GT500” … I’m sure the new owners won’t take that from you.

  7. Great video…brings back memories for me…my first car was a 65 Mustang Coupe I was 16 years old later on in the years I owned a 68 coupe and a 23 T-bucket…my hat’s off to you sir that’s a beautiful car.

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