Barn Find – 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car, Garage Find, Survivor

A comply with up video clip to the "various other" Lincoln that was parked beside the 1959 MKIV in a twin garage. Both of these cars and trucks have actually rested unblemished for almost 20 years. The 78 is on the roadway and the 59 is next for rebirth!

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  1. Thank you very much! It WAS like dusting off an old diamond. I’m truly fortunate to have had to opportunity to discover, buy and revive these cars. They are appreciated!

    1. ikr? you won’t see anybody else driving the same car ever. only challenge is finding maintenance and spare parts

  2. Great 1978 Lincoln. It’s Light Jade Metallic paint code 7Y. I hope you enjoy many happy miles driving such a regal and elegant car. These really were fine automobiles. I remember when they were new in the showroom and nearly bought a 1978 Lincoln Continental Coupe for myself in August 1978 but went with a great deal on a 1978 Ford LTD Landau coupe.

    1. Toyota is a brilliant car for smart people. Meatheads need some cars like this to feel secured about themselves. Brains vs Meatheads. Brains will always rule this world, meatheads will always be followers.

  3. Nice find ! most of those 1978 lincoln”s were used as demo derby cars unfortunately 🙁 460 big block is a plus most had a 400 !!

  4. absolutely beautiful…….I always had a love affair for north American 70’s cars……looked brand new after the full clean up……Thanks buddy for the video…….Awesome.

    1. Jae R. IV ~ Yep, all the clocks in these are made by them. I know because I have a ’75, all original, 94,000+ original miles, with a working 8- track tape player and working power antenna as well. 460 motor is a beast, but purrs like a kitten. Entire car is 100% authentic bumper to bumper, full vinyl top, not the halfway point. All lights in and out work as well as lighters. I put 20″ Swangaz and Vogue tires on it. And I’ve got the full skirts, not the half ones like this one has. Full underbody coated, 0% rust, garage kept.

  5. Mine is only a 87 but I treat it like a million bucks. My dream is to have it fully restored to factory condition some day.

  6. This is almost identical story to how I found my 77 Lincoln Continental Mark V.
    Old Man passed away and his kids we’re having a garage sale and in the corner of this garage was the 77 Lincoln Continental Mark V have covered with a pile of old clothes and dusty.
    I asked the guy what he was doing with the car and he said it was his father’s car and his father bought it brand new but only used it when they came up north for the summer and would only use it to drive three blocks into town and back .
    I will never forget what he said to me as he laughed and said , ” I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with that big ugly boat “.
    I told him that I’m very interested in it and he told me that tried starting it but it wouldn’t start.
    $500.00 cash later and a car wash I had a 1977 Lincoln Mark V Continental with every option available that year and absolutely rust free with only just over 30,000 miles.
    It’s amazing what some people called Junk.
    All the pork are needed was a carburetor rebuild some fresh premium fuel and a tune-up.
    Cost me maybe 200 hundred bucks worth of parts at the most.

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