Barn Find Camaro First Start In 21 Years – Vice Grip Garage EP29

I purchased a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro sight undetected. Once again it's method up north by the Canadian border. It's been being in a barn for 21 years and seems in respectable total problem many thanks to sitting in a relatively completely dry environment. I do at some point obtain it started after some fixin on it. And naturally, I need to take it on a test drive.
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Minneapolis, MN

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52 Replies to “Barn Find Camaro First Start In 21 Years – Vice Grip Garage EP29”

  1. Anyone else see the arcing behind the distributor in the beginning? Wondering if a Guy found it, have to watch and see 🙂

  2. A guy just found your vidyas and I’ll be dipped… found new favorite YouTubes show. Fella had to subscribe to such facktree quality.

    1. Im Mexican but lived in Canada 2003 2006 and loved that show, by the way am I the only one that saw the BIG spark arch jumping on the fire wall behind the distributor when the engine is running?, hehe.

    2. I started watching him yesterday and was thinking the same thing!! Maybe a long lost brother! Pretty entertaining though, I enjoy watching “hasnt ran in years” vids and he makes them interesting.

    1. that’s exactly what I did watching his video about the f250 lol. There is jeep that has been sitting on the back of my property since I bought it and his videos make me want to go mess with it!

  3. “Transmission…*takes a whiff* that smells like burnt French fries and hair” 😂😂 you sir are the funniest guy I’ve seen on here in a while

  4. At about 27:00 when he says he “hears arching” look to the left of the distributor when he tries to start it. You can see it.

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