Barn Find Hunter | Lincoln Continental with Elvis Presley Connection – Ep. 2

In the most up to date episode of our "Barn Discover Hunter" series, Tom explores the rolling vineyards as well as winding roadways of northern California, where he comes across one of the original The golden state hot-rodders, an automobile he's desired for finding given that he was a child, and also a surprising variety of standards in a Napa Valley yard, including a Lincoln that might or might not have actually belonged to a songs superstar.

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36 Replies to “Barn Find Hunter | Lincoln Continental with Elvis Presley Connection – Ep. 2”

    1. yeah, i know this 80+ old fart that wouldn’t let go his cars and parts go even through he had 2 heart attacks recently. Like pass on the parts to others that will enjoy it than let it rot

    2. I agree that if you’re getting up in age it may be time for you to part with the vehicles Specially if you’re not going to ever use any of the ones that are sitting out and riding it would be different if you were a farmer that I’ve been farming for years and years farm acquit meant that you use and take care of but in the case of something like this if you know you’re up in years and you’re never going to do anything with the stuff you should pass it on and try to get what you can for it before it rots in the ground

    1. I don’t get how come if you have the money to collect that many cars you don’t build a building to store them in because they are rotting away like that one that was filled with cementBut you also have to figure because it was filled with cement that is probably going to ride away anyways the moisture between the body And the cement

    2. I’ve learned the hard way no cover of the top you can get away with putting a plastic sheet down underneath to stop the blister from coming up from the ground and jacking the car up as high as possible to let out air go underneath and circulate helps big time

  1. Most of these cars are crusher bait. Left to rust in the open for years And as usual he’s gunna restore them in 100 yrs

    1. Yeah..Some people “collect” cars – in a field..Others are like Jay Leno and actually keep them maintained, running and protected from the weather in buildings, sheds etc..

    2. others like jay leno can hire 800 people to keep them maintained, running and protected from the weather in buildings.

      fml I was offered a 1971 chevy impala EUROPE EXPORT barn found for 5000 euro – and I passed on it. why? Because I am not in the financial situation this car would deserve. so I stick to my BMW 330d e90 that I can actually afford to maintain and pass on the relics that I can’t put the effort and money inn they need and deserve.

  2. I love that ford wagon. It reminds me of the midb1980s riding in grandmas country squire wagon to pick blueberrys at great grams in the sticks

  3. Elvis’ 56 Continental is in Australia. I have sat in it. It has an engraved plaque on the dash with his name on it.

  4. I been a car guy my whole life and I love this show! I have wanted a classic car or truck since forever. Its all i want before im gone and when i watch this show it makes me think maybe i will get one?

  5. Nice old Zepher.
    The ’32 Ford Coupe I’d take it back to original. I wouldn’t turn into a hot rod.
    That would just ruin

  6. The 1954 Ford Wagon didn’t have a 312 engine that didn’t come out till a couple years later it probably was a 272 or slightly smaller overhead valve

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