Barn Find Porsche Becomes A Twin Turbo Frankenstein Build: Rod Emory’s 356 RSR

Pole Emory is a tale in the Porsche game – so when he's obtained a brand-new build, you know it's mosting likely to deserve an extensive look. His 356 RSR is no exemption to the regulation – we're absolutely looking over this point's updated-yet-period proper styling and also engineering. Take a deep study this thing with us, from the updated twin turbo powerplant to the "appropriately color-aged epoxy" on the back ducting. Outrageous.

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73 Replies to “Barn Find Porsche Becomes A Twin Turbo Frankenstein Build: Rod Emory’s 356 RSR”

  1. Very interesting the fibreglass wasn’t painted to match/contrast the silver aluminium. Kinda digging the look of raw fibreglass though

    1. @Hoonigan I think it should be a to thing, scumbag invite to burnyard at end of episode. If it doesn’t work, send us off with a a startup and a little engine noise!?

    1. This build is heavily inspired by the 935 and 917. If you look at the front ends on those cars they have mesh screens like this car does. It makes sense why he chose it.

  2. The car is unbelievable but those wheels are freaking awesome. They’d look good on just about anything.

    PS: Shout out to Uncle Jesse for the beauties on this.

  3. My compliments to Nads, he took what ppl in the comments said serious. Even though his weird uncle character is wy i love him *hi Nads waves*

    edit: Rod is like Steph Papadakis, explains eve-ry-thing so detailed and clear!

    1. Cause Porsche racing did in early cars. I doubt anything on this isn’t related to some Porsche at some time. In intent or look if not in actuality. That’s why Emory is so respected.

    2. Morning Sun Sparkles Dew on fresh grass
      Agree. I was shopping mesh this week and found some model-specific kits that are flush… yuck. They even have a rim. Not digging that look at all. However, I suspect this particular car looks better with it flush than if it wasn’t.

    3. Green Giant these cars had no front grill when stock. My sense these (needed now) were influenced by the rear grills on many of the early cars.

  4. One of the most impressive parts of this build is that every aluminum panel is HAND shaped from scratch.

  5. Never really been a Porsche guy, I dig ’em, just not really my thing. That being said, that car is SICK! Also I dug the fact that he uses Oregon companies to help with his build. I live in McMinnville, it’s a pretty small town, so that was cool too.

    1. I was about to say shoutout 503 but you guys are repping the 541 down there, right? Either way, I’m stoked to see Oregon getting some representation.

    1. Prem Sharma a broken filament, if it makes contact again, it will light up. Or just the bulb is not tight. Get your head in the right place.
      edit: please let us know how it happen, i’m open to a better hypothesis.

    2. @Maximus yeah, very believable stuff right there… Bet $20 bucks if I get you to watch a Piper Blush video you’d be hooked worse than a cockroach it to a sweet in the kitchen.

      But the problem here for you is that you would actually resemble a cockroach

      Edit: this too is a hypothesis on how a sort of guy you are – based on your imagination (I hate that word) – and imagination and words are clear indicators of a mind

  6. Bad ads build.. anyone else thinks the mesh on the front grill let’s it down a bit. The quality doesn’t look as sharp as the rest of the car

    1. William Hicks you guys that don’t have any historic reverence will never get it. This is probably a $300-400k car. Buy a new Ferrari with your money instead. Or the Civic you can afford.

  7. Glad to see the resurgence of Momo Motorsport in the street scene.
    Got Momo stuff in all three of my cars.
    Love it.

  8. am i the only one that dosent like the look of this one. that said respect to all the time and effort put into the build

    1. Daniel Hofstetter great workmanship but the look simply doesn’t work. 50’s body is too small and short for the ’70/80’s look

  9. That looks nothing like the sketch and that awful mesh really grinds my gears. This car is only mechanically fascinating, aesthetically it’s a zero for me.

    1. The beauty of this car comes from the fact that it was probably a few years away from being unusable and completely oxidized…and now it is pushing 400 horsepower on a 911 suspension with a proprietary engine block that uses 911 internals. I guess that it’s a love it or hate it look….but I am in love with this car for sure. Simply incredible.

  10. Rod Emory: “I’ve built about 170 cars over the last 30 years”
    Brian Scotto: “I made an Audi start after 14 years”

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