BARN FIND restoration Mercedes S-Class W116 1975 #2 ‘Into the daylight again’

Distinct Barn Locate!! We are going to restore my dad's old W116, refound after 22 years. My father sold the auto, with remorses afterwards, in 1987. In 1990 the car was stored in a barn as well as was never relocated one inch till now. My papa and also I are mosting likely to offer this vehicle a 2nd life. That's for sure!!! Remain tuned as well as take pleasure in.

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  1. This was so nice to see! It’s awesome to see a father and son so happy and close, restoring an old family vehicle. Best of luck to you!

  2. good afternoon, I’ve seen your videos to part 7, there are more videos ..? as it was done this car ..? very good everything seen so far. Greetings from Argentina

    1. Otte, ich besass ein 1979 300sd von 2002 bis ich 2010 wieder nach deutschland kam.
      Fast 500 tKm, dann leider hat sich mit reinem b100 die kopfdichtung verabschiedet. wirtschaftskrise und zwei andere autos haben mich davon abgehalten ihn zu reparieren. wie ich bei Hentschel war, hatte ich keine kohle ihn wieder in seine alte heimat zu bringen. 2014 wurde er verkauft

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