Barn Finds Mystery Car Parked 100 Years Over Old Tunnel from Mexico to USA

This 1914 Mitchell has been parked 100 years over an opening to a passage constructed in 1911 in Juarez, Mexico throughout the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920. Citizens hid money and precious jewelry in this tunnel. Why was this huge touring vehicle parked over the entrance to this tunnel? Looking for documents this car was possessed or utilized by Pancho Rental property – guv of Chihuahua 1913-1914.

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30 Replies to “Barn Finds Mystery Car Parked 100 Years Over Old Tunnel from Mexico to USA”

  1. Pretty cool! I think the car should remain in a museum in Mexico. It’s apart of their heritage from the Spanish revolutionary war era.

    1. I agree…the revolution would have been the civil war. Independence would have been 100 years before in 1810 from the spanish

  2. I hope somebody gets to save that puppy it is very interesting should be saved and maybe restored, good luck to whoever does something with it.

  3. I want to buy some of that barn dust on that car . . I could put some on my truck park it in a barn and get top dollar as a barn find 🤣🤣 jk . Cool video .

  4. looks like the car was hiding the tunnel.and they could go through the engine compartment to get in to the tunnel to hide or hide stuff .amazing stuff thanks guys .

  5. The car was put there to hide the tunnel thats why the engine was removed. You used to open the hood and climb in and out. The army and police never knew that it hid a secret.

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