‘Barnfind’ classic Mk1 Ford Escort with 900 miles from new! – Jonny Smith Carpervert

When is a barn locate not really a barn discover? When it's in a modest little garage. But who cares when the car concerned is so interesting.

Back in 2010 Jonny Smith found a totally preserved Mk1 Ford Companion 1300XL with less than 1000 miles on the clock. This is the footage of him dragging it out into the sunlight for the very first time in years, modified in a video clip to commemorate half a century of the Companion (1968-2018).

This is potentially the most initial survivor mk1 Escort out there.

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River by Long Time, on Medical Records:

70 Replies to “‘Barnfind’ classic Mk1 Ford Escort with 900 miles from new! – Jonny Smith Carpervert”

  1. This is bloody awesome! Glad to hear it’s still in the same hands and those bundle of NOS Ford Parts are literally a gold mine 😱.

    Nice work Jonny I enjoyed that! Looking forward to the road drive video.

    1. got more NOS spares than that and the local dealer for mk1s ,gonna hang on to them for 2rebuilds they are like gold dust to get hold of.

  2. Great video Jonny. It’s so good to see something that’s not an RS or a Mexico and still unmolested. Looking forward to seeing your video of the road test. I have a 1972 2 door 1300XL in the same colour. It was my first car when I bought it for £500 in 1987 and I still have it 31 years later! Do you have any idea what happened to the spare seat covers? I’m about to treat mine to a large dose of TLC and my front passenger seat has a split in it.

  3. This is that bloke from fifth gear , no idea he had a YouTube channel. Interesting that he can make videos that are better to watch than fifth gear episodes

  4. With a video like this showing so much respect for the car and the owner you must be worth subbing to. Brilliant video and story well told.

    1. @GRPLiningServices , I agree with you. I happened to see this video in my suggested views, this morning, and thought it looked to be worth a watch. It was less than five minutes in, by the time I subscribed. Good stuff!

    1. Totally agree with you. If it was a higher mileage car then go for it, drive it all day long. But that car is in a time warp condition and should be kept that way. It’s irreplaceable.

    2. the car is still very little used by whoever owns it now. by Sept 2017 it had covered 1124 miles with some earlier years of 4 to 5 miles per year-ish. My own MK 1 1970 Escort however, had travelled anywhere from Lands End to John O’Groats. Paid £700 for it used, and sold in 1976 for £400. Never let me down.

    1. @RetroGamerVX I watched 2 videos I think, then I blocked him, ” a shallow, materialistic idiot ” the correct definition of shmee

  5. Thank you everyone for all your encouraging comments. It seems that we all get really excited with a rare find like this Escort. Will try and find more garage relics like this, as well as other broad Carpervert appreciation.

      OUTSTANDING video! I’m in the USA and we never were offered this model, instead our market got the horrible
      Ford Pinto. This Escort model looks fantastic and has a storied history with competition racing too.
      I’m so glad you shared this with us. I love cars and it’s wonderful to see that others have a passion for something rather ordinary but still an excellent product all the same for the ordinary bloke with a modest amount of money to spend on a new vehicle. I enjoy looking at these models almost more than the exotics! Love the paint color! What’s it called???

    2. wow this is the totencarmoon of the barn finds !!! no its more than that its like finding the holy grail of the barn finds world !!!

  6. Quite literally brought a tear to my eye, my Dad worked at Ford in Dagenham around the time this car rolled off the production line. He passed away five years ago but I can imagine his reaction at seeing a video like this and how pleased he would be this car survived.

    1. I’ll bet that would have made him extremely happy.

      I just watched a documentary about the Dagenham plant, a week ago, or so, that consisted, primarily, of content that was produced back in the mid- to late- 1970s.

      It covered a period of 25-30 years of the plant’s history, and featured interviews with employees and management.

      It was a good view, I enjoyed seeing it.

      I can’t recall the title, but I’m sure you will be able to find it on YouTube, if you go searching for it.

    2. My grandad used to work at fords with my uncles etc in the 60s/70s/80s. Happy days. I had an orange one of these in the early 90s, cost me about 200 pounds at the time. It would pay off a good whack of my mortgage if i still had it now!

    3. It will be worth some coin now, because it must be the only one in existence with 1000 miles on the clock, so what price could be put on it at an auction im saying £50000 plus lol!!!

    4. This video did about the same for me, too. My Dad passed away in March of this year. We used to do our own work on our cars. I miss that.

  7. Back in the days when just about everything on the road was British, chromed and simple, regardless of build quality, Every man was a mechanic and did their own maintenance…. Well almost, talking bout my generation…!

    1. That would be “every man was a mechanic and did HIS own maintenance…” ! You did say “man” as the subject, right? I’m a man and my “preferred pronouns” are he/him/his! I don’t “they/them/their” – I am sure of my gender! Give each man HIS due! Defend the King’s English! Remember this famous quote from Lord Admiral Nelson: “England expects that every man will do his duty.” He didn’t say “their” duty as that would have been both bad grammar, and bad form. Lord Nelson was not known for bad form.

    1. Yes, it’s amazing how few of the 4K+ viewers took the time to give it a “thumbs up”, while so many took the time to give it a “thumbs down”.

      Rather pathetic, really, especially for such a great video.

    2. That’s the trouble with the world today critics with no knowledge of what they speak & like to go against the grain as windup merchants their views are unimportant, unintelligible & the incoherent babblings of morons who have no credence in any form.

  8. I pulled a mk1 fiesta supersport out of a lock up it had been there 29 years and then I pulled a mark 3 Capri that had been there for 20 years it’s the strangest feeling when you sit in them they transport you to a forgotten age

    1. @zeddytd Forgotten by whom ? not by oldies like me LOL not a bad car in it’s day but you’d have to be a right perv to get orgasmic over it. Bikes and cars from the 50’s were just bangers to us back then . A 1930’s Daimler saloon with a preselect gearbox – now that was almost orgasmic even back then.Classic car prices are like house prices in UK – only go one way.

    2. Absolutely! Those were all cars from the early- to mid-1970s, when I was a young boy.

      I grew up in America, and remember these cars, well.

      It’s pretty rare to find cars from 40+ years ago, preserved so perfectly.

  9. Thank you for that amazing story!!
    Really took me back to the early 80’s and our 1971 Ford Capri 1300.
    Greetings from Guatemala, Central America.

    1. Because whatever vid is posted on YouTube,and I have many interests,It will always have the dislikes.Some do it because they are trolls,some do it because they are just sad people.And some do it (Just because they can). Disregard them.The dislikes are meaningless.Why on earth does you tube allow them? If you don’t like a vid,just move on.And look at flat earth vids.

    2. @Owain Shebbeare I used to work on them back in the day, oil leaks everywhere, rattles and clunks, door locks never worked properly and always going on breakdowns to get them started, just shite really

  10. 15:40 CarPervert: “..where it genuinely has survived the test of time.”

    CarPervert video taping: [heavy breathing intensifies]

  11. Good Lord shes perfect in every way… everything I would ever want right there… colour, interior, engine capacity, year…. phuk!!!! Its stunning! She needs to be driven.

  12. This car is older than you dude Lol . I remember the days when it seemed like every 10th small car on the road was a ford escort or a Datsun 120y . Great nostalgia for this old boy . Nice vid thanks .

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