Best barn find ever? 45 sports cars hidden in Virginia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 70

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Why is this the greatest barn locate collection? Aside from the large spectrum of American and European sports cars, each and every single among these cars and trucks is up for sale. Gone along with by the collection proprietor, Mike Sperber, Tom walks around and also offers you his ideal analysis of the automobiles as well as what he likes best concerning every one. Several of these cars and trucks have actually shown up in various other "Barn Discover Seeker" episodes yet there are lots of firsts among this collection, the very best of which include a Daimler SP250, Volkswagen GTI, and several Porsche Speedsters. Leave a remark listed below and let us understand what your favorite automobile is.

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42 Replies to “Best barn find ever? 45 sports cars hidden in Virginia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 70”

    1. I drive an 18 wheeler l9ng haul across most of north america n the stuff i see just from the highway would blow ur mind. Sure, travelling the back roads to find stuff is fun but not really needed

    2. Sweet thanks for the reply Have fun out there What do you think the kings of the Earth would think about our time and our rides were so blessed!!!

  1. Sometimes I think about how many buildings there are like this that nobody knows about that are chock full of rare classic cars

    1. I bought my CRX off of a guy who works on old cars. invited me to a hangar with 40+ cars with the newest one being a 1980 and earliest was 1914… from mint Crosley to 1930s rolls royce, honda z600, lancia, Franklin (made in my hometown of syracuse), Stuff i’ve never seen or heard of. I’m a honda guy but it was absolutely blown away, and it was all in a warehouse i would’ve never even thought would have anything like that. Truly amazing

    1. @David Mc Doesn’t Tom have the right to purchase Barn Find vehicles? I thought that was his business now. ? A dealer in older cars ?

    1. Miss my 84 and 92 GTi’s.

      Restoring them, I would reweld the strut mounts, install big strut braces, urethane rear motor mounts, bigger vented brakes (rear discs in the 84), upgrade and protect the wiring, waterproof the fuse box, rewelf & strengthen the pedal box, upgrade the clutches, better headlights, install the fog lights (the mounts are factory, they were intended to have fog lights) and redo the exhausts (loved the rorty growly sounds).

      Oh, and keep the 84 black star wheels and 92 turbo wheels.

  2. 3:02 My eyes see TWO TOOL BOXES and I hear Oh Man! Me too! As a mechanic, I would be needing a cigarette right about now, and I don’t smoke

  3. When I was 12 there was what we called an “Elliot Ness” car, a Ford with running boards stuck inside an abandoned garage, I am constantly reminded of it when I see videos like this, keep up the good work guys👍

    1. When I was a kid there was a 93 uh Cadillac sedan DeVille grey on grey on grey with red interior. I saw it every single day walking to the bus stop.

      The fiberglass was cracked in the bumper was held on with wood screws but otherwise it was complete and clean but it always reminded me of a cheap suit.

      There was a 64-66 lime green Ford galaxie on Jacks…

      The clean dark green NB Miata…

      W10 MR2 in red, on I think it was BBS rims or OZ or Eenki… It always looked like some supercar

  4. Tom’s getting a little threatened by the car enthusiast who owns all the cars and actually knows about the cars he owns. Tom keeps dismissing him when he chimes in. Pretty funny

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