Black oxide coating engine parts for rust prevention | Hagerty DIY

The battle versus corrosion is never ever finishing when it concerns working with old cars. In this Do It Yourself, Hagerty's Davin Reckow strolls you via smudging your steel and also cast-iron parts with black oxide in order to include a layer of defense versus rust and deterioration. Extra information on the Insta-Blak 333 product here:

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34 Replies to “Black oxide coating engine parts for rust prevention | Hagerty DIY”

    1. @Cktime ThirtyTwo True it will fend off flash rust and moisture in the air. But it will not prevent rust on a part left in the weather.

    2. Zinc coating requires trivalent or hex chromate to get impressive corrosion resistance. Now imagine, by yourself doing $50 bucks kit oh your part or how much will it cost you to plate it with zinc and coat it with chromate? Do you have baths, rectifiers, etc? or you get $50 kit and get same results!!!

  1. Glass marbles work great for taking up space in the container. This lets you use less product and still have the part submerged. The marbles are impervious to most chemicals you find in a shop. I have an evaporust/metal rescue tank with a bunch of marbles in it that i kind of push the part down into.

    1. correct this is basically Bluing. and with out some sort of protective coating or it will corrode. so either oil or a sealant.

  2. Interesting!! Thought about this type of thing recently when I was about to use a “raw” pipe fitting for a heater line. Do you know how this coating would compare to “gun blueing”?? I ended up NOT using the raw fitting so never tried the blueing.

  3. Insta Black is a room temp coating of copper selenium which is the same as gun blue touch up. It is not a hot black oxide process such as MIL-DTL-13924 Black Oxide with all the hydrogen embritlement problems on harden steel that process has. It is very thin and the sealer used is the key to longer life.

  4. definitely looks like a process similar to cold bluing. Basically what you’re doing is you’re creating your own oxide coating so that iron oxide (rust) can’t get to the bare metal. The end result finish almost looks like parkerizing. Very cool. I’d be interested, though, to know if the etch part of the process has a negative effect on your wrist pin mating surfaces. I was concerned about the rod journals as well but those are going to have a bearing in there so hopefully the surface being micro-porous shouldn’t be an issue.

  5. There is an amazing YouTube channel called My Mechanics with a bunch of restoration possess. But he also has a second channel where he explains metal bluing which is a great
    way to rustproof metal without actually painting it.

  6. Say you were doing something like your rod, that might get set aside while other things are on the go (like sorting misbehaving valve guides for instance): would the old standby of wrapping them in an oily rag til you need them, prevent them rusting?

  7. I always thought I was stuck having pale connecting rods. Thanks to this video, I will be able to have dark connecting rods, just like the cool kids. Thanks Haggerty! 2021 is going to be awesome!

  8. I have some firearms that I’d like to try this on. And I checked the EPI site and it’s not expensive. What we see here on this video (I think) only runs $47.00

  9. Not sure if it was mentioned in the video and i just missed it, but does it affect tolerances? (does the “coating” have a thickness? or is it converting the outer layer and therefore no added thickness?)

  10. this stuff reminds me of a product I use to use years ago called Van’s Instant Gun Bluing. Coincidentally they were made in Wisconsin as well…

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