Buick Straight 8 long block assembly | Redline Update

There are many landmarks in the engine setting up procedure, but when the heap of components comes to be something that actually looks like an engine you've hit a huge one. Davin and the Buick Straight 8 went across that threshold today, yet certainly, it really did not come without a hiccup or two.

Despite all the documentation as well as advice one can obtain, there will certainly constantly be a discovering curve that requires just doing the job to see if you obtained it right. Devouring the cylinder head was straight forward, however putting together the shaft rocker setting up was even more of a discovering experience. The rocker arms were marked for how they need to be constructed, as well as Davin thought he had it appropriate based upon the documents on hand, but it never goes that smooth.

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27 Replies to “Buick Straight 8 long block assembly | Redline Update”

    1. Lol there’s an old episode of Different Strokes about schizzle sticks. I wonder if that’s where he got it

  1. Straight 8’s are anything but short that’s for sure. That motor was a strange but simple design. It also lends reason as to why the cars of that era had such long front ends and the hoods were giant scoops that weighed a ton. Great video yet again! Sure wish they were more frequent!

    1. This engine would have been great if it had been set up like the BMW M30. Slant 8, SOHC, and electronic ignition and injection!

  2. Please put this engine on the dyno. I want to see what kind of torque and Horsepower this beast will generate!

  3. At the factory anymore when an engine, transmission or any large assembly is put together with multiple fasteners that get torqued at once like head bolts they use computer controlled machines that run them all down at once and then use a multi stage torque sequence and even give the read out for each individual fastener but they still use a human to do torque audits with a mechanical wrench to make sure the machine is working correctly because sometimes a sensor goes bad.

  4. I love that he says “get out in the shop!” It’s great cuz I’m working in the shop damn near all day, every day 😂

    1. I got vacation this week , and I’m headed to my shop shortly after I watch this.
      I’ll put in a good 4-5hr session , come home for dinner and get back there in the early evening for another 4-5hr session.
      Yup, I wrench for work and wrench in my spare time to relax the nerves.

  5. Too bad you couldn’t adapt a modern harmonic balancer like a “Fluid Damper” to that Buick!!!!

  6. I hate to admit it, but I “re-built” several engines with a dingle ball hone using diesel and new rings, bearings, gaskets. I re-used a lot of head bolts, rod bolts and main bolts… I never had any problems with heads leaking or anything, but it was really hard to buy new bolts for engines back then. You had to go to the hardware store and match up the bolts and nuts the best you could. I used anti-seize, thread lock and some teflon tape. I did blow some of those engines, but that was usually due to over-revving, no rpm limiters… Had a lot of fun. But do it the right way… Not the way I did it.

  7. Hay Davin, nice to see you’re using a pretty hefty engine stand for this job, ( I wouldn’t want that block on my toes for sure!) – stay safe and well buddy! 👍🇬🇧

  8. applying the sealant to all fasteners also helps ensure torque values are all equal, as applied. love the attention to detail and consistency in all of these builds.

  9. Engine assembly is one of the few times one could legitimately refer to a straight 8 as s short block. lol

  10. No offense to all your labors, but this seems like a pretty shitty engine, design wise! : D
    Are people in 2060 going to be rebuilding Chevy Vega fours!? : o

  11. That engine design looks like someone intended on creating a 16cyl…. EYE-sometrical x 2 = SYMMETRY! Try-it-out

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