California bans Camaro sales, F-150 Tremor, Aston DBX Bowmore – Daily Driver

A Chevy Camaro sales restriction, the brand-new F-150 Tremor, and a whiskey-infused Aston Martin. And also, You Paid What?


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30 Replies to “California bans Camaro sales, F-150 Tremor, Aston DBX Bowmore – Daily Driver”

    1. @ROB-IN-PHILLY it is absolutely crazy ..the amount of homelessness..skid row. I can’t understand how it got so out of control..mindboggling.

    2. @Jenny Animal :)…Tell ya what, If I ever become homeless; I’m going right to Santa Monica! :)..They look fat and happy, the ones I saw!

    3. This should be a lesson to other states, like my state which is Pennsylvania, for not becoming as radically liberal like California and these other leftists states. Pennsylvania is a little too liberal today but not on the same scale as California, Washington and Oregon but have neighboring states like New York and New Jersey that are as close to being as radically liberal as these left coast states.

  1. The reason is not manuf. it’s the ground up brake dust that is all over the roads and then gets washed into the rivers. ( I don’t make the rules….don’t blame me).

  2. You should use the new youtube feature to add the footnotes into the playback bar, easy to skip to different parts of the news.

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