Carb, distributor and other top-side bits | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project – Ep. 10

Fuel as well as stimulate! Two crucial elements of obtaining an engine operating. With the engine in the 1966 Sunbeam Tiger, Brad begins obtaining whatever arranged to mount a brand-new MSD distributor in addition to the Holley carburetor. Yes, we understand he discussed the Sniper EFI install at the beginning of this! However, the strategy is to get it fired up with the carb, obtain the timing set, and then as soon as every little thing is running properly, do the EFI install. Stay tuned for more updates!

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30 Replies to “Carb, distributor and other top-side bits | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project – Ep. 10”

  1. Keep the carb!
    The Sniper ECU is so sensitive to heat and it need to run with a heat spacer…ECU will break heating up on the manifold.
    It looks like you gonna get issues to get in an air cleaner so test if a spacer will get in

    1. kyubey, the cute little devil Normaly with OEM EFI yes!
      But these are really cheap stuff regarding electronics. I worked with several different systems and there are allways problems. A small issue with carb will still get you going. Small issue on these EFI will stop the engine.

    2. @Ford Mustang 1969 Restomod so……..
      Any suggestions for a good EFI kit that could fit in such a tiny vehicle then good sir?
      And as you may have noticed, there is not much vertical space left under the bonnet.
      Maybe he’ll read this thread and look for the part you’ll suggest.

  2. The slight resistance you had when installing the distributor was the oil pump hexagonal shaft indexing with the distributor “socket”. Good luck.

    1. Mentioned that during the last episode. It only takes one washer to drop and you’re breaking down the engine to retrieve it.

      Was driving me crazy this week as well.

    2. @Mark Crawford I don’t disagree. I keep a towel on it a lot, but when I’m filming it vanishes. Probably stupid. I dropped a washer down an intake once and was VERY fortunate to have been able to get it out with a magnet. VERY fortunate.

  3. You may want to move the coil to a cooler location. Great build , I have a friend in Nebraska bringing a Tiger back to life and send him your progress

  4. Hi, another nice interesting episode thank you, is there a reason why you have the coil facing away from the distributor?

    1. just because that’s how the coil was already mounted in the bracket, no real reason. I’ll get it all cleaned up “properly” later!

  5. I’d swap to an alternator for a cleaner electronic signal to the EFI unit, as well as it being better in every other way.

    1. The Mark II Tigers had an alternator, the earlier ones like mine had a generator. I was trying to keep as much of the stock engine compartment look as possible, but at this point, yeah- why not.

  6. Great video. One thing I found when installing a MSD ready run was I had to power it with a relay to insure a constant 12v.

  7. Great episode as always. When you switch to the sniper though you will want to move that into coil. The ecu is on the front of the unit and with the coil and the dizzy and ecu all confined in a less than 1 sqft area you may experience RFI and have a lot of tuning problems.

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