Chevy C1 Corvette, a “baby Ferrari” and a dusty Abarth collection | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 18

Adhere to along as Tom Wedge pulls the tarpaulin off a forgotten 1954 Chevy C1 Corvette and its numbers-matching Blue Flame 6 engine. American standards abound in this episode of "Barn Find Hunter," with a rare 1970 Buick GS Stage 1 convertible, big-block El Camino, and 1960 Chevy Impala convertible with a 348-cid V-8 and also four-speed transmission. For European cars and truck followers, Tom doesn't dissatisfy as he finds a storehouse of dirty Italian cars, consisting of a Zagato-bodied Abarth Dual Bubble, Fiat-Abarth 750 Document Monza, ASA 1000 GT "child Ferrari," and more. Scroll down for a full checklist of cars and trucks found in this episode.

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Cars found in this episode:
1966 AMC Marlin
1963 Ford Fairlane Sports Coupe
1965 Chevrolet El Camino
1970 Oldsmobile 98
1970 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
1960 Chevrolet Impala convertible
1954 Chevrolet Corvette
1961 Ford Sunliner convertible
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-door hardtop
1978 Pontiac Firebird
1970 Buick Grandma Sport Phase 1 convertible
1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396
1967 Chevrolet Chevelle
Zagato-bodied Abarth Dual Bubble
Fiat-Abarth 750 Document Monza
ASA 1000 GT
Fiat 600
Alfa Romeo Giulietta

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44 Replies to “Chevy C1 Corvette, a “baby Ferrari” and a dusty Abarth collection | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 18”

    1. yowza yowza right, only selling them cause he has to, otherwise they’re mostly rotting to junk, he’s destroyed a lot of value already

    2. Then buy them, didn’t you listen? They are all on sale and the additional work you have to put into them rises with the worth, so even if they deteriorate a bit right now, they won’t turn into scrap anytime soon. Think before you write ffs.

  1. You notice the door on the corvette how it was a bit open, and the body was tight against it? The car is bent, frame is most likely rusted out and the car is collapsing into itself. I wouldn’t quite call it good condition, still repairable tho

    1. Yeah, sometimes I just have to settle for the occasional shot as they’re focusing on other cars *sigh*

    2. Maybe it’s a dinalpine, the Mexican built version, doubt it though judging by the others in the room.

  2. Great cars, the guy is clearing the property, he may have to lower the prices, and be a bit real about it

  3. Those cars are going to rot into the ground . He is asking top dollar prices for junk. I actually thought he was joking at first.

    1. MrCoffeekelly you are correct I live in upstate NY near VT and the salt eats anything with metal I think the 57 is a fair price the less time involved = $$$ saved

    2. Old people ask way too much for their junk, I see it all the time here in Texas. Just give it a few year and they will die off and off to the crusher they go.

  4. Yeah it “Runs and drives good” it’s just been sitting in this field for years rotting but I know it will just magically run and drive good.

  5. There’s a reason the first place’s rust buckets are still sitting there, the owner is delusional.

  6. It is a shame when some of these great cars just get dumped somewhere and not properly stored and left to rot. Most end up nearly worthless as there is no point restoring them

    1. Yes and some fool crazy will paid for it, believe and think it classic and his get a great deal, junk cars

  7. High valued cars stored in the most low valued way.  Dude, sell one, put up a huge building and protect them!!  Save them!!

  8. “I want 40 grand..”
    Yeah, dya think you could take all the piled up boxes off it before hand then?

  9. On this episode of Hoarders…”and it runs?” “Runs and drives.” Nothing in that rust soaked junkyard runs or drives.

    1. @Gasolinescream… Sure could fix that in a week. Just let someone like Chip Foose put a team of guys on it with an unlimited budget and a camera crew hanging over their shoulders!

    2. PROBABLY Not eveRy one of tHese ReaL Automobile’s Runs & dRives but even tHe one’s tHat don’t ARe betteR tHan todays UGLyAss PlastiC BumPeR deatH tRaP’s if Someone Could SPaRe A FeW thousand dollaRs to Put into it , It Would Last ALot LonGeR tHan A WaCKAss ModeRn CaR SeRious Note FoRGet NeWSCHooL & tHe Lie tHat tHeiR SaFe Reality is to Many Have UGLy designed FouRdooR bodies Faulty AiR BaGs and ALL of tHem Have “touGH PLastiC BumPeR’s” tHeiR betteR tHan WaLKin but so WHat NeWSCHooL SuCKs

  10. The prices this guy is throwing out are absurd. He’s throwing out in some cases fully restored prices.

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