Chevy Corvair flat-6 engine: will it run? | Kyle’s Garage – Ep. 11

Kyle tries to get this mystery-condition Chevrolet Corvair flat-six started using components cannibalized from his running and also driving 1965 Corsa sports car. Is it worth it though?

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31 Replies to “Chevy Corvair flat-6 engine: will it run? | Kyle’s Garage – Ep. 11”

  1. My grandmother owned a Corvair, and it was the first car with optional air conditioning that she could afford.
    The reason I want to see this engine disassembly is because I want to see how different a Corvair air cooled engine is when compared to a VW air cooled engine. There was a large amount of controversy about how much the Corvair resembled the VW in many ways.

    1. i dont know about controversy, this is one of my favorite vehicles ever, the 62 700 model specifically, and it was built specifically to compete with the beetle but also cater to the american family taste which was mostly larger and longer sedans. so its basically a beetle but longer. you would imagine its gonna draw a lot of caparisons considering how most air cooled engines are exactly the same in every way except block shape (I, V, and H).

      Im just glad theres finally gonna be a high quality video of a corvair build on youtube for once lol. it was a pain finding info on specific things in the past.

    2. The big difference is that the Corvair didn’t siamese the intakes the way the VW head do [as it wouldn’t make any sense in a six vs a four…] The biggest drawback of the Corvair heads is the dain-bramaged exhaust design; go-fast gurus spent years figuring out how to weld up the exhaust ports & re-bore them [“angle porting”] so the exhaust doesn’t have to turn right angles. That design flaw leads to the heads holding too much heat, losing temper & dropping valve seats. Again, the Corvair go-fast shops specialize in the esoteric fixes for this. There’s only a few left, as this engine ages out & fewer folks want to hot-rod their vintage hoopties…

  2. You need one of those $10 endoscopes they sell on EBay. They are great for looking around in tight places. You can go in through the spark plug hole and maneuver the camera around and look at the valves or go in through the oil filler and look at the inside of the crankcase. You can hook it up to your computer or to your phone with an OTG adapter and look in places You never thought of.

  3. But why cannibalize a perfectly good engine? Also blocking off the secondary intakes with a plastic cap and cranking it??? Are you insane?

    1. @walnutmanor Probably because I was 17 and had no mechanical experience. I worked in a bank at the time. I bought a ’68 Camaro and got experience when I changed out the 327 200HP engine to a 327 365HP modified ‘Vette engine. Steel billeted crank, a race cam, solid lifters, T-10 tranny with a Hurst shifter. Etc, Etc. Wish I had it now.

  4. My mom had a 65 Corvair. For about 6 months when I was 16yrs old I delivered about 450 morning newspapers out if it. I learned to slide around corners and even do 180’s while backing up and going forward. That car could do perfect 180’s faster than a blink on wet or sandy roads. Sometimes the area cop, who each morning got a free newspaper, would come find me and tell me where he had complaints so I knew which corners to be quiet at. 3am to about 6am, everyday for 6months, that car was my rally car… afternoons only had 100 or so evening independent papers to deliver out of my 64 mg midget.

  5. Question? How could that be the orginal engine? Corvairs never came with a 3 carb set up. Never with 2 on one side and 1 on the other.

  6. Hi! Do you do a cyl pressure test ? Do you do compression test dry and wet ? That will give you the state of this engine , do you have metal debris in the oil pan? Good luck bro…The corvair with 4 carb is realy well restaured , congrats

  7. You’re good man! I give up on my 65 turbo all the time, think about it for a while, get some advice and then get after it all over again.

  8. Why ! Would you cannibalize a perfect motor for that old one!!!!!! You know all the things you remove are readily available from all corvair !!!!!! Venders .Value seat were always a problem with 140 engines.

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