Chrysler transmission teardown. Snowball’s 1937 racer returns! | Redline Update

This week Davin tears right into Snowball Bishop's Chrysler A-833 transmission. This is a transmission that has actually been kicking back for many years and neither the children at Snowballs neither Davin knew what to anticipate inside it. We're hoping that whatever remains in pretty good condition so we can get it cleaned up and also back with each other so as to get this classic race car back on the track.

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28 Replies to “Chrysler transmission teardown. Snowball’s 1937 racer returns! | Redline Update”

  1. One quick question. How come the body of that car race car is it painted yet I thought you guys were going to paint it? And that transmission inside looks awesome

  2. That transmission is lucky as hell it ended up in Davin’s hands. 👍
    I hope that mine high mileage AT 6 speed in my daily is also lucky and won’t break while I try to remedy her overheating problems by experiments with different kinds of oils. 😂

  3. Probably would have left it alone after seeing how clean the gears looked and meshed together. Don’t try to fix what ain’t broke.

    1. I would not have broke the factory seal I would have drained the oil and would have stopped there, I would have changed the tail shaft seal, put in fresh fluid and put it in the car.

    1. They are simple and strong…. Everyone says the 23 spline is “weak” but I’ve seen them live behind 700-800hp forever… I have only ever seen the 18 splines with damage… not sure why

  4. Davin,,,you’ve done a bunch of engines and some “normal” transmissions now and all of those episodes are great!! I love watching them. I’m a Buick guy so the nailhead and straight 8 episodes are my favorites. You’re almost done with the straight 8 and then it will go in your Buick but when are you going to go through the Dynaflow that’s bolted to it? My 62 Electra has a Dynaflow and I think that would be an awesome set video’s for the Redline Rebuild series. Not your “normal” transmission. Plus,,like 5 people these days have had them apart. That would really be cool to see the process of one being rebuilt. Just a thought,,I’d love to see you rebuild your Dynaflow!!!! Keep up the good work. Thanks for the videos and your knowledge!!

    1. You’re right of course, but some pretty highly specialized automated equipment made those parts. This is not that old of a transmission. 60s-70s-80s maybe.

  5. For those who don’t know, the entire disassembly/reassembly procedure for these can be found in the Work Shop Manual. Note the position of the linkages – this is the standard layout, not the Overdrive layout.
    The MoPaR (or Direct Connection) Performance handbook lists all the modifications needed to make these survive as a racing gearbox, including how to modify the syncro rings and dog rings for Clutchless flat shifting.

  6. I wish I had a sound guy to add some reverb and echo to make it sound epic when I hit a part with a hammer to break it loose. When I do it the only thing I hear is swearing.

  7. My gosh Davin, I noticed at the end of the video that the “C” on the truck’s nameplate must have been broken off long ago. It now reads “HEVROLET”

  8. This is literally what I would do with my days if I hit the lotto. Friends over, fire pit, grill food, drink beer, listen to country music and take things apart.

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