Classic Fords, Chevys and more! Some even run!! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 31

"You oughta go see Denny," was the advice Tom Wedge kept hearing as he scoured north Michigan's countryside for forgotten classics. The good news is, we know a couple of individuals in these components and also quickly situated this "Denny" of regional tradition. Tom was not dissatisfied. What started with two little garages holding a Buick Riviera, a Ford Falcon, and also some Impalas, ended with 2 huge post barns full of vehicles. And Denny prepares to offer– for the best price.

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34 Replies to “Classic Fords, Chevys and more! Some even run!! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 31”

  1. Woow, it was a kind gentleman who was willing to sell the cars at really good prices.
    Thanks for the best show on youtube, wishing that the episodes were longer.

    1. Four on the floor means a four speed manual transmission with a floor shifter.

      Three on the tree means a three speed manual transmission with a column shifter.

    2. I’m putting a 60 Falcon 2 door with 3 on the tree back in running condition. It has a, 144 cute in 6 cylinder

  2. One of the best episodes yet!  I love episodes that feature lots of different types of cars and models to look at.

  3. When I saw that ranchero I got excited. Falcon Ute!! Had no idea they made a ranchero in that body style

  4. Two nailheads in one show! My brother had one back in the late sixties, ’59 Buick Invicta. 2 speed trans. It was a real boat. Weighed about 3 tons. You couldn’t drag race a VW bug with it. On the highway though, he’d bury the needle and then continue to accelerate for a couple more minutes. No BS. It would just slowly go faster and faster and faster. The telephone poles just whizzing by. Had about a hundred mile race one time with a 68 440 RT. The RT won. Just.
    My best friend had a ’59 Coupe de Ville. Cherry and cream. 4 speed auto with automatic headlight dippers. Biggest damn motor I’ve ever seen. We went cruising one afternoon on the highway, putting along at about 90. A cop came past, switched on his lights and siren and did a big powerslide in the gravel turning around. I was turned around in the seat watching him, and said, “Here he comes.” Buddy puts his foot on the floor and the G’s slammed me back in the seat. The needle ran out of numbers in about 5-6 seconds and continued on to about the 9 o’clock position. Who knows how fast we were going. That Caddy had a comfortable ride though. The cop looked like a rock falling off a cliff behind us. If kids pulled that kind of crap these days it would be a one way ticket to Gitmo. We had a little something that’s sadly missing these days. It’s called Freedom.

    1. Yea, That was my favorite in this video. The 58 Buick was a cool car. 58 was the last year of the taller heavily chrome laden GM cars. By 59, they adopted the flatter, lower, less chrome body style that would be the norm in the 60’s. Love that Buick.
      Those old Nail Heads were also among the most reliable of all the GM engines.

  5. That 56 for “a couple grand” is a steal. People in my neck of the woods would be asking 8k + for junk. That car seems decent

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