Collection of California cars need new homes | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 37

When there are a pair of unlikely vehicle Frankensteins suffering half a mile from the Mexican border, leave it to Tom Cotter to sniff them out. These homemade Volvo and Mercedes pickup, parked in a garage prior to being sculpted from bits of old Fords as well as dining establishment refrigerators, find company with a hoard of various other surprise classics. Two 1951 Packards, a 1939 Buick, and also a 1930 Plymouth-all of them to buy. Tom continues the search somewhere else, on a messy rental lot where he locates a complete Dodge Omni GLH and also reminisces about the early days of the warm hatch. Between the barbed cord and chunks of scrap steel, he encounters an El Camino, a Plymouth Road Jogger, and a set of MG Midgets.

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35 Replies to “Collection of California cars need new homes | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 37”

    1. Com’on son, you ask if the milage is accurate, you should know to look at the brake pedal for wear. You flashed so fast I couldn’t see it.

    1. Rod Z
      I took my sisters 1964 Rambler out to the quarter mile drag race one time..
      and they accidentally reset the clock and forgot that was still going down the track and hadn’t reached a quarter mile yet.

    2. I owned one for quite a while. Did some additional modifications to it. Used to beet the street racers all day long. The always got really pissed! My friends and I laughed our asses off every time!

    1. Yeah look at the expression on his face when the cover is all the way removed and it’s a four-door. But I am in the market for a dodge ramamino.

    2. These are the type of collectables when you retire and sell the muscle car you use to drive …these are cruisers..

  1. LOVE all those 4 doors cars. I’m imagining myself drivin’ one of those like the Cubans do in Havana with a Cuban chick πŸ˜‰

  2. At 5:05ish How do you tell it’s a β€˜56?
    The license number ends in 56. I had one for a year in β€˜72 (gas was 25Β’/gal) unleaded gas

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