Corvette powered VW Pickup and an Ed Roth Hot Rod | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 54

In this episode of "Barn Discover Hunter," Tom rejoins with his 1939 Ford Woodie Wagon and also is en route to St. George, UT. Without any connections or leads in mind Tom is expecting a difficulty, but after two strikes he finally strikes a crowning achievement as well as finds an eclectic collection in a dusty old storage unit.

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49 Replies to “Corvette powered VW Pickup and an Ed Roth Hot Rod | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 54”

  1. This is one series that will never get boring for me. Even as a younger guy, I find older cars much more interesting.

    1. If you like em, and you know you’ll get one eventually, then buy one now because they’re only going up in price. Especially with inflation on a nearly constant rise from run-away government spending.

    2. Wait until you see how much more fun they are without all those modifications, wrong wheels, newer engines, etc!

  2. I know when I was looking into a house I asked the Postmen about the area and boy did I get a lot of info from him you might have the same luck

    1. True, UPS too. I delivered in college and you get to see properties in the uniform. People are happy to see you trespassing! I saw a guy hoarding Citroen DS that I remember well.

  3. Cedar city and St. George…my old (college) stomping ground. Beautiful part of the US and the Virgin River Gorge is one of the best drives in the west!!

  4. Every episode should end like this one – engines ‘a runnin’! There are only three channels on YouTube where I watch every minute. Another great one!

  5. Tuff search but Tom doesn’t disappoint! The Coyote with a period correct metal flake paint job would be awesome!

    1. They still sell them. Go to any cruise night and at least half the cars there will be wearing them. I agree with you. They give cars from that era the right look.

    1. Same goes for “It’s all original”, even tho it has mag wheels and has been repainted a stupid color.
      “You advertised it was in running condition.”
      “Well, it ran when parked 40 years ago.”

    2. @Carp Ademen I once bought an Edsel convertible that had been sitting for several years in the lady’s garage. I asked her if the top still worked, and she said, “It should, it’s never been used.” Right…

  6. Tom your show just keeps getting better and we all look forward to the next one… Something worthwhile to watch and we thank you !

  7. Mike seemed tentative at first, but what a gracious guy to show you all his treasures. I was looking forward to seeing the engine in the back of that VW pickup.

  8. Damn that chevvan is cool, but that Ed “big daddy” Roth pin-striping is freakin gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing, love the Barn find hunter!!

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